Monday, November 30, 2009

side project

Doing a side project with LACONIC for their latest ads. Giving 99% freedom on the idea and concept ;-) Thxx again for the trust and appreciation!
Skip the description, here is the final artwork. hehe..
Will appear in DEC'09 NEWICON magazine if im not wrong.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hand crafted delicacy

Lately I was amaze by a word "Hand Craft". Things that was specially created by a gifted hand. Below is the tasty hand crafted delicacy that I tasted recently :)

Organic sweet purple potato KUIH that was hand crafted by my mother in law. A lovely lady that like a magician in the kitchen.DSC02197


Mix fruit Sorbet that I have it together with my wife in a special place. I will introduce more about this place on my next post :)DSC02195

Saturday, November 07, 2009

No so geeky 5marts anniversary T

Below is my version of 5marts Anniversary T. Commend and feedback is highly appreciated :)

By the way, it remind me that we also had being using our finger and Internet access to run this blog for 1 year hehehehe..




Yes!!! This is what we are up to! After so many 'meetings' and brainstorming, we are going to come out some celebrating tees for our 1st Anni. Each of us will come out one design, solely personal in Smartass spirit. Below is my version, so.. many cakes I have 'baked'! hehe..
The final art work, front side; blow the candle~~~
and the back; finish it! Yum..Yum...
Can't wait for the tees... hmm...
Smartass, cepat..cepat!!

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Sorry for disappearing the whole October. Its been a busy or messy month. My car been hit... Waiting for new notebook to arrive... Digital camera breakdown and sent back to repair... Endup with replacing the camera lens! @£$%* Luckily its covered with warranty although I purchased oversea and without... hehe... Anyways thxx again to Panasonic!!

Beside that, below its my new 'companion' in charging mode... It finally arrive and things getting back on track...
Love the recent shot, like I'm up to something... Yeah, we the Smartass are up to something, stay tuned, you will know it real soon!
photo by Smarter Scwa.
spec. from Smarter Ping.

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