Sunday, September 30, 2012

An hour for 10KM

Make it finally and my best so far.. I need more effort to beat this.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Penny Loafers

Recently found this classic item, called it; Penny Loafers. With an unbeatable sale price, grab it within a heartbeat! First thing to do before I wear it out, find and placed a pair of 1 cent from our country to blend in a little personal identity to this classic comfort slip on. Hmm..

Let me share the story of this shoes for those who is still curious on my 1 cent.

The G.H. Bass shoe company was founded in 1876 by George Henry Bass. In 1910 he introduced the Camp Mocc, an elegant, comfortable moccasin that was an alternative to the hard dress shoe. Then, in 1936, came the Penny Loafer, another classic addition to footwear. Weejuns, The name of this leather slip-on was derived from the word “ Norwegian”, the ethnicity of its founder. It had a strap across the top of the shoe for style purposes, as a loafer is traditionally defined by having no buckles or laces. This strap had a split design that was supposed to look like a pair of lips. This opening in the strap was soon used as a way to add a decorative touch to the usually simple loafer and small objects, such as pennies, were often placed there. A stylistic embellishment that had once been peculiar to Bass’s shoes became synonymous with an entire fashion.

You could carry a penny for good luck, and it started when pay-phones were still ubiquitous and hadn't yet been raised to a quarter, the penny loafer was often the source of funds for an emergency phone call home, especially for school-age children or teens on dates. (More from Zappos)

Before I found the whole story above, he is still my first and biggest inspiration on this classic Penny Loafers.

Friday, September 28, 2012

joke of the day~hahahaha

MINI KTKS~~~~~~~~~ just joking~din know the whole world is picking this up

Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Dec 2012 Holiday Project: Raspberry Pi


Found this very interesting that is very cheap, powerful and customizable. Yet, it got a bright opportunity to growth and evolve.

Importantly I like their intention. Their real reason to create such good products.

As a summary, it is a PC system board about your palm size and enable you to do a lot of thing on it. It takes only SD card to run its Linux based operating system. The exciting part, they are working out to port Android OS to run on it :)

It actually come with the system board only. However, it does include a lot of option whether you require casing, SD card that preloaded with OS, HDMI cable and so on.

I just placed order here for the system board and I believe I can get a lot of the accessories easily around my place.

The Blue print of the Raspberry Pi board.



The actual photo



A very nice own DIY casing for the Raspberry Pi which I found on their website. Is a very details step by step guide. I just wish that I still keep my LEGO sets :)
















Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My new kicks for happy trail :P

Lately my training include some hiking. Brooks Cascadia 7 is my chosen one. The color is totally my style hahaha..
Trying it on our usual Sunday run. Very heavy but every stride is stable and comfortable.
Other color that I feel nice too.
Pricing ? RM399. After discount RM249. Definitely worth it if think of trail or hiking.

Friday, September 21, 2012


Nike is making some latest improvements on our favourites Lunarglide+ 3. Perhaps a new lineups; Breathe Collection? Feeling interest on the materials, can't wait to test the real thing. While colour combination is good but not best, nearly to my favourite (Grey x Orange) setting. Well Nike seems like forget the Reflectors AGAIN..

Details and photos via Zappos.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

DIY Corner

Recently visit, one of my DIY or inspiration corner.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Balance MADE IN UK

Please forgive my New Balance syndrome again! Haha.. I think I should write this as a fan since they are celebrating the 30 years of manufacturing at United Kingdom in 2012.

I won't write too much about their history here to avoid your complain or assumed I'm paid to promote NB. LOL~ Well you still can read the story via the link provided later. Thing that really impressed me is the way they come out these 'collaboration' models. Not picking a celebrity, super star or model, fashion designers or any professional athletes but their own factory workers. 3 of their most senior staffs in Flimby Factory that giving a chance to make their very own version of 576 for the 30th anniversary. I think this is more than a better way for a company to celebrate the day, which is much more convincing to me. Hmm..

I specially love the interview they did. You can read it from the links, and counting from left in below picture; Andy Mandle, Billy Edgar and Roy Bell. Following with their own version of 576, picture via MS.

New Balance M576 AMT of Andy Mandle

New Balance M576 BET of Billy Edgar

New Balance M576 RBT of Roy Bell

Visit Flimby now and stand a chance to win a pair of these special 576!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunday Training Plan: RUN 7km + HIKE 5km

From our discussion on last Sunday training. Kinda a great suggestion from Smarter Ping aka; our Running Guru. So we start the run from Penang Hill station following the main road to Botanic Garden (7km). Then continue to hike from Station 84 to reach the peak of Penang Hill (5km). And complete it with a cozy train ride back to bottom station. Hmm.. Getting more and more fun..

View Penang Hill - Botanic 7km in a larger map

Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Read the news just now. Not that surprising or maybe it's just a matter of time since Nike brought Umbro at  2008. I think we will have a better design kit coming out soon but the sad thing could be lesser taste of British origin. Before we see the first Nike's England kit, I am still greatly in love with their 2009/10 kit, both home and away version. Showing up on Beckham, wearing his last England kit in World Cup 2010 qualifying games if not mistaken. Classic, classy yet the best design.

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