Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Balance 574

In normal lighting or day light.

captured with flash, you can see the reflector.

Yesss, It is New Balance 574. In my wishlist for some times. I did said 576 supposed to be a priority. But 576 are lesser choices than his younger brother's 574 for now. And since both are like twins (also in ENCAP system), so... hehee... Colour and materials are the main role! For a greedy mine like me, i want it good in running, workout and of course mixing styling! So this is it, but im dealing with the 'Selective Phobia'... WHITE full leather? GREY classic leather n mesh?? Pick me up, help~!!!

ps; Smarter Ping and Scwa, PLEASE help me check.. NB outlets or Jusco sport counter, both in QB, PG. Saw it there, but forgot the discount prices, wana compare laa... Thxx first!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010




HOUHIN aka Smarter Ping aka Daddy Ping!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Sharing a long time desired item. First time met it in Thailand, a few years ago story. Its one of SEIKO 5 SPORT models, not really sure the accurate released year, but sure its not new or recent.To cut short, move to the picturesss...

SNZF17K1, most standard colour combi for anyone/everyone.

SNZF15K1, add up a little bit more of classic sporty feel.

SNZF21K1, all black hipster.

SNZF22K1, and this is my cup of tea! Hehee..

Another interesting survey going on... and finally found it! Not via www, i mean you can test before you paid, still prefer this method. (im that old fashioned type) geggee... Great feelings on hand!

I think you all know this design is from ROLEX Submariner, of course can find a lots cheaper replacement models. To me, this is the best for this colourway, since im not goin to buy a gold submariner in the future even I can afford. LOL~ btw, I didnt grab it yet, wana heard some comments from you all.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DIY: 'Egg Yolk' Plimsole

A plimsole from MUJI. Brought it back in 2008. Picking light blue version for a navy style mixing, kinda reverse Jack Purcell colourway.

After wearing some days, I mean getting seasoned and dirty... even wear it for Futsal game! Hehhe.. And seems like its very durable on the out sole and canvas. So decided to do some makeover.

First, bleach and washed it to plain white.

After doing some thinking, Yellow been picked! The other plan is Ultramarine Blue. hahaaha.. forget it since I want it a twist! And this is the outcome. Also getting a satisfied shoe laces for only RM2.90. Btw, Im using those unfinished Dulux paint from my Mural project. Save again~ LOL~

Purposely leave uncoloured on heel cap, a great idea from mum when i ask for suggestion. And she is wonder why I choose an egg yolk colour!? Well, my initial idea was actually Banana. Hahaa... Whatever!

1st try on my feet, feeling good like a new member arrived or reborn? Hmm...

Monday, July 19, 2010


Have some free time tonight, so going to write this as promised. Ok, lets start with this; their incredible journey started at 2008 EURO Championship, that is their 2nd crowned as King of Europe after a long waiting 44 years!

After 2 years, they got this, reaching the top of the world. A new World Cup winner! (Majority or 90% of the squad are the same faces in 2008).

Andres Iniesta, scorer of the late winner (116th mins) in final, then removing his jersey to reveal the sentence; "DANI JARQUE SIEMPRE CON NOSOTROS" - "Dani Jarque, always with us". As tribute to his close friend, Daniel Jarque Gonzalez who died at the age of 26, caused by heart attack. A really touching move. (A player get a yellow card for simply removed his jersey for celebrates).

Here are some 'behind the scene', celebrations in dressing room with some VVIP; the Queen, Prince & Princess of Spain, and Rafael Nadal was there too... What a moment!

Continue with some happenings in the plane when the team is flying back..ahahaa..

And what happen at home...

Meeting the Royal Family... (Anyone can get this celebration tees for me?) hehee..

I specially enjoyed and love this, watch if you like them too!

A team with these 23 players, worth for the prize! Also saving my RM199! LOL~ Anyways, have a look on the list, which you can see most of them are from local teams, thats why is important to support local young talents than importing star players from other countries. And they are telling us on their age and caps...

Last, a wallpaper for all the supporters and fans!

Viva La Furia Roja~!!! Your football are always a one piece of beautiful design!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

5marts Football Club

Been some time from last post, just recovered from World Cup madness! hehee.. You know, 2 of my favourites meeting in final! Surely a new winner, and its La Roja~ ESPANA!!! What else can i ask for this World Cup 2010! LOL~ So suppose to share the joyous moments, or a summarize post? Need to postpone for this.....

Smarters, still remember the initial idea of our logo? Celebrate on different situations/occasions...

When I saw UMBRO is having a Crest Design campaign that nearly end. On be half of 5marts, I have submitted a design. A concept stayed in my mind for some times. A golden ball on a grass field background, came out from our golden age. hehehee... Also colours inspired from World Cup trophy, and other settings that you know.

Just found out, its already up at UMBRO for voting! So Smarters, friends & families, especially Facebookers, do me/us 1 favour; Vote!Votee!!Voteee!!!

ps; Many thxx for your LOVE & SUPPORT!!

With Love,

Thursday, July 01, 2010

style icon: KANYE WEST

Since World Cup is having a short break, so I have time to put some old things up tonight. hehee.. here is Kanye West. Yeah, who doesn't know him, and i love his music. But im just trying to share a little something about him which captured my eyes these years.

He is not only gifted on music side, what inspired me is his artistic view, styling skill, or i can said he is a design genius. Following is his looks that i likesss from my archives or collection! LOL~

Live performance on Grammy. Drop a boom on Shutter Glasses, and the jacket. Notice the sneaker, its the beta ver. of his Air Yeezy with NIKE. And all I means is his total package (head to toe).

His other design project with LV. Seems like MJ love it, but its not really my cup of... Anyways, I love his blazer and scarf, you won't go wrong with black&white + a little red!

The 3 genius come together! That was the first time a nice cutting/fitted denim jacket caught my eyes if not mistaken. For Pharrell, talk about him the next time.

Some of you know i have a madness for Baseball/Varsity Jacket (espcially love the collar) in early days. But still couldn't find a right one yet. And Kanye has carried some nice ones. Oh. im also "K"! hahaa...

His girl - Amber Rose, a model. The couple is pretty standout in their all black or white theme.

He makes me want a denim jacket so bad~!

He is also one of the few celeb consistently shoot by Scott. (click to read)

Been searching it for few months. Finally got this last month. Super fitted (see the sleeves), darker or 80% unwashed denim. It gimme a little A.P.C. feeling. So i makes second priority for worn out or washed ver.

C17, an unknown label to me, share if you know it. I got it from a vintage/2nd hand shop. Guess how much?? gegee... you wont believe!

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