Monday, August 30, 2010

Sounds Beautiful

Have been interested on finding a good headphone these few years. Here are my favourites. Again more on eye candy than sounds quality? Don't misunderstand, i guess my eyes are more sensitive or sharper than ears. hehee...

SONY MDR-XB500, almost perfect, if you can handle the size. So i prefer the medium one.

beats by dr. dre, one of the hottest choice these days, selected by many artiste.

Thulhu Caine, leather from Italy, handmade in Japan. And the deer leather belt with loop holder completed a stylish package, which other brands missing.

audio-technica ATH-WM55, exchangeable housing cap and wind-up cord are super slick n smart although it looks bit fragile on the cord. hmm..

AIAIAI tma-1, the whole thing looks stunning to me! Materials, and also the matte black. Another great design from the company.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Start loading at 3:40, where movie begins.

Another 'Sunday Plan'? No, this is suddenly and luckily pass-by! Hong Kong is in a hot...summer, so I used to "三点三" tea break when doing works outside. Guys, this is it! The real one still in business, so "行运茶餐厅" aka.....

classic, classic and classic...

Oh, of course the interior already been refurnished, but still in same setting!

I choose to sit upstair...

"阿水" aka "蛋挞王子" already getting old? hehee...

My order; I must have this!! The movie adds up some magic here!

When "阿福" fall down to pickup the phone...

"福禄寿" are still in same place!

Thats all for a lucky guy in a lucky place on a lucky day!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Visit the location, one of my 'Sunday Plan' before the trip. Sunday is Exploring Day! hehe.. So Google Map do some help again, also by asking some nicee locals along the way. Its a small lane thats not easily been found, that is the best part to get the mood of the movie; 岁月神偷 Echoes of the Rainbow. And many said the movie change the destiny of Wing Lee Street - 永利街.

Oh.. What do you think if this "Mural" painted or happen in our country? Those who insterested, click to read.

Btw, this is what happen during the peak season, hehee.. i mean after the movie released or screening.

As you can see in my photos, heat is gone, but hoping the spirit of the movie is always there.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

check tis out..

wei kiv, got nearly tis colour or tis 'feel' or not?

Last second order...

Smarter Scwa, choose from LEFT 1-6, thats mens size, if not forgotten. From RIGHT 1-4 is girl size.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

5marts @ iP4

Smarter Ping, other than the receiving issue you said, everything is 'PERFECT'!? Arrghhhh.... my mind is fighting agains my desire!!!

Monday, August 09, 2010


heavy rotation song lately.

from her first chinese album if not mistaken, back in 1997...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

reloading tongue memory.....

Seldom write this topic. Since im here, these are some of the niceee stuffs i won't n shouldn't miss...

HK classic western oriental breakfast.

'奶茶' as usual.

1400, '下午茶' is for my favourite - 'dim sum'!!!

 Their packet drink got larger sizes; 375ml just nice! And this is the best lemon tea in this category to me!

Our old buddy; Coca-Cola, they are getting some remix here. Lemon + Salted dry Citrus + Coke = 'Dragon Phoenix Lemon Coke' (direct translate) WTF!!? ahahaa.. taste goooood!! Smarterass, do try it home!

BLUE GIRL, very very smoooooth~ Smarter Scwa can have more than 1 can i guess. hehehee... Too bad don't have it in our country, and this 500ml only cost RM4+

Who said HK dont have cheap n good stuff to eat? I love '大排挡'! Where you can also see many '啤酒妹'! Forgot to capture...

another classic breakfast, solely eastern flavour! yumm...

to be continue...?
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