Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Sunday event I had joined: Tanjung Run 2011 Summary outcome

The 10K running is really a good experience for me and Kiv before our "2011 Penang Bridge Half Marathon". Both of us do gain a lot of experience on this event. Overall results is good as we finished it within the qualify time. Especially Kiv, finished the 10K with 1hr time. Is a very good results for him as he had being train just in a very short time.

Below is my running results because Kiv is far more faster then me :)

Details split per KM.

Scene after the finish line...
Me posing for the victory

Kiv posing for the victory

My colleague also joining this events. by the way, the guy on the left that wearing the yellow shirt is my coach :)

 I thought that i wouldn't have chance to get the top 500 finisher medal as a lot of experience and pro runner was joining this competition. So luckily that i able to reach the finish line as 499th to grab this finisher medal. It would be my very best motivation.

Personal thought of the moment. In running, how hard you being train = what is the result you get. You are on your own and you cant compete with others but only can compete with yourself. Run for health and enjoy your run.

Kiv and I will continue to train for our "2011 Penang Bridge Half Marathon" and we will continue to enjoy our every run. How about you? do you run today or planning any run for the coming weekend?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Night Run Plan #1 Summary update

In terms of gear preparation, all are full gear and ever ready. Just see below picture :)

Overall Summary. Quite consistent speed.

Below is the details per KM tracking.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Sunday event I had joined: Tanjung Run 2011

If night run plan #2 is confirmed. Tanjung run 2011 will be my recovery run after our night run.

Below is the details if you wanna join as a ghost runner just to have fun. lol

Date: 30th October 2011, Sunday
Venue: Jalan Sepoy Lines, Pulau Pinang
Race Start Time: 7.30am
Distance: 9.3km
A - Men's Senior (18 - 39 years old)
B - Men's Junior Veteran (40 - 49 years old)
C - Men's Senior Veteran (50 years & above)
D - Women's Senior (18 - 39 years old)
E - Women's Veteran (40 years & above)
F - Boys (13 - 17 years old)
G - Girls (13 - 17 years old)

Race Prize:
Finishers  Medal - For first 500 finisher's only in all categories.
Certificate: For participants who complete the race within 90 mins.
Lucky Draw

Night Run Plan #2: Measured. 17KM++

You guys decide and get prepare. I'm all in.

Viktor & Rolf for H&M - Raquel Zimmermann

H&M Karl Lagerfeld


Our passion on running is kinda reaching a level. So a right time to share these videos and images together. GYAKUSOU; a collaboration running project launched at 2010 by NIKE and UNDERCOVER. Talking about sport fashion, this is truly one of the top notch in the industry. In progression of each season, more and more dark side colour scheme, and you can even find those alternative or secondary colours combination. Especially on latest series; Running Monks. Composition of Violet, Orange, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Grey.. etc. making it so harmoniously contrast and eye-candy to me. Not less with a little reflectors logo prints, a must or a twins with running to me!

And image recap from their first season at 2010 to the latest 2011. Some of the best or personal favourites..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Night Run Plan #2

Couldn't believe the 3 Amigos (Smarter Ping, Scwa and me) have achieved our last week plan! Smarter Ping, waiting for our first night run summary post...

Still excited, so the Second Plan is coming up! Starting and ending point at Straits Quay, following the Green arrow, and turning point at Jetty with Red arrow. Purposely past thru Beach Street aka "银行街", one of my favourites spot. hehee.. This would be a medium route before we hit 20KM+, so ideally is within 16 to 18KM. Smarter Ping, calculation please?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Some pretty images to share, kinda recent favourites..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NIKE SHIELD Collection 2011

Basically, this is kinda part 2 of Ping's sweating post. hehee.. Just found out the whole collection, and some already have it in most major stores. So if you are wondering or looking to get a well functions, nice design and most important come with great outlooks running companion, then this might be quite closer to find. Beside that, do really love their Durable Water Repellent materials, and together with my favourite elements; Reflectors on running shoes!







Monday, October 17, 2011

For Kiv: Running routes & KM measured

Glad to hear that you are feeling the same as I do. Below had two option for our running route with KM indication on the map.

Original plan route:

 My recommend route:

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