Saturday, November 22, 2008

5marts logo revise...

Gangs, how u all think about this version? Did try to put in the '!', but not so nice with the font. If making as background graphic, i prefer to stick on our home island. Love the shape, representing where we from. hmm... This is the basic logo, and we can change the island graphic to any object according to any events...still using the simple line, while fonts will stay the same. For the 5 little stars that represent us, arrange as a shape of rising sun. Evrything in simple and basic style.

Friday, November 21, 2008

U should consider this after a blazer.

Trench Coat; an item u should have after u gets a good fit blazer. Hmm... When we are still young, I thought this is a must/'uniform' for a detective or a psycho. Haha... but... It's being in my mind for recent years and it's growing my desire in this season. Currently HK provide many choices for this item, one of the reason I love n hate this city! These are some of the best...

This is the truly classic of my desire...BURBERRY; will get u one day, I promised!

H&M x COMME des GARCONS, love their version when saw it on line, but sold out in the 1st day of launching! Can u believe it? Fashion desire is far more serious than economic crisis here?? hmm...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i found her after breakup with Pentax.....

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FX38
25mm Wide Angle f/2.8 LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT Lens
5x Optical Zoom
Intelligent Auto Mode with AF Tracking
1/2.33-inch 10.1 megapixels CCD
HD motion images and HD output
Venus Engine IV up to ISO1600 at Full Resolution
2.5-inch (230,000-dot) Intelligent LCD with Wide Viewing Angle

After waiting for some times, the price is nearly to my point!! hehe... Since my PENTAX OptioS already retired on SEP'08 after 5 years services. My recent photos all looks blury due to mobile cam! Did considered on Leica DLux3 (beauty but $$$$); Canon G9 (ugly, heavy but funtionals); LUMIX LX3 (smart but not worth the value and also heavy) Most important~ im not a PRO! haha... SIZE does matter for me! So still stick on with card size DC! Ez to travel along.

Give me some ideas... which colour nicer?? i chose Black at first... but i felt its colour combination not so nice with the silver zoom out part. For Sliver one, just like normal feeling/boring... argh!!! i hate '选择恐惧症'~ Or u guys have others recommendation?

Monday, November 17, 2008

thats the way..u ll like it

comment lagiii

LEVIS 501 edition, jeans shirt bro!, same design different colours.which one better? although i know i was toooo fit with both.
i know its hard for u guys to judge coz both were too fit to me. but anyway, try ur best, bro. hehehehheheh.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


bros, giv some comments bout this shoe.
i m considering it.
its Suede Leather, with leather shoe lace, mixture with boots n All Star outsole
n how much u think?heh...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Wakup~ 5marts!

Gangs, hows the logo? Only posted ur initial idea, but no progression at all!! kenny, post ur ideas or comments la!

Hey, suggestion... which ones should i take? (scarf frm H&M)

dino, u still wan tis item bo?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

the soft copy.

Hey guys, check this out! It's the soft copy of my favourites. The black background is not the decided colour, just for viewing and comments.

Tzu Chi Food Fair = Recycle Fair

we went to Tzu Chi last Sunday for vegetarian charity food fair, in Pesta. share some photos with u guys. Well they were great in recycle. u need to bring along ur choprstick, cup, bowl bla bla bla. no plastic bag, plastic spoon etc. then they were selling recycle tools as well. fertilizer etc. on that day, remind us Recycle Recycle Recycle & Frugal Living.
hey, buddy, u ada recycle today or not????

time to finalize logo?

All datuk -datuk & tan sri tan sri,

I think its time to finalize the whole logo design thingy. Else we start to drift to something else \. Anyway ph7, can try to add a chatbox next to the blog...kinda lazy to click on comments of each posting to read& write.

Any agenda /plan from now til our borat bohMoma's wedding?


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

facts of getting old?

An OCT'08 pickup! It's currently the best Converse Jack Purcell canvas that I had ever seen. Check the details, each and every parts are so well designed and constructed. Good looking 7 holes (previous canvas version comes in wider 6 holes); insole cushion; embossing heel logo; the add-on invisible cutting lines on bottom outsole is truly amazing! Each improving parts didn't crash the 'classic' character of JP. It's my admiration for kicks these recent years, maybe it's also the facts of getting old. Ahaha... Anyway a big credit to Converse!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Impossible is nothing, just take a deep breath

Finally I had some time to wandering in our blog. Recently I'm quite busy and I'm also stuck into something or falling into dilemma on my thought and what I read. Very confusing and I really dunno how to describe it. Maybe I'm in the middle of transform, I dunno. Well just put it a site first.

Today I would like to share with you guys is our blog search results in google. Infact this is requested by Klim and I had make something on it and this is the search results that I have make it. Klim, the snap shoot of this results is what you want it right? However, the search results was not stable, so...i m still figure it out. Anyway, impossible is nothing, just take a deep breath.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Sunday, November 02, 2008

shoes that i fancy~~

Klim, If you saw any of those in hk . Can check the price for me? hehehe i think they r called nike blazer mid. ( ph , i 'll wear those to ur wedding if i can manage to get that)

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Adi classic trio!

Guys, we all knew or love these 3 classic models of Adidas from very early of our age. But if you don't, I guess you won't say never heard or see them before. And everyone at least should know these 3 brothers before entering to Adidas family...

I'm so excited or lucky to meet them together recently… Guess who is the one I'm up to in this month?

from the top: Superstar; Stan Smith; Country
No more Bullshit add-on or modification! Every model come back with the original cutting and material!!!


guys, i dunno use wat software to make it proper, i do it in paint. may b u guys can upgrade it~!
1st one is combination 5 & !,
the 2nd one is when we count 5 , we use the slash , each 4 slash mean 5, guys , get my point? i use the final slash with !.
anyway, why i use ! mark???
this is wat i learnt from a course n i found it very motivated!~!!
there are 3 type of people in this world.
1st one is '.' 2nd one is '?' 3rd one is '!'
. = every time tis person face problem or challenges, he will say ' thats all i can do it' , ' i meant to be like this' , ' thats all i can do'. the character is 'full stop' , no more improvement
? = everytime meet problm or challenges, he will say 'why why why.." " why god do this to me..." "why i dont hav luck..." "why other can me cannot..." the character is full of blame, pity, backwards...
! = evertime tis guy face prblm or challenges, he will say "I M NOT YET DONE!" "I CAN DO BETTER!" "I HAVE AN IDEAL~!" "OH YES!!" "this is not yet finish, I WILL KEEP FORWARD!!!!" "I CAN DO IT!" the character is no give up, alwayd full of ideal, motivated positively, challenging, looking for excellent
for 13 yrts we hav know each others, i think without '!!!!!' , we wont look forward, we must encourage each other for the rest of our life.
! is the icon for the past n our future character~!!
all for 5, n 5 for all of us, my friends.

A food that you almost not remember

This is the food called "mai-yong" that my wife bought for me as a supper. When i saw it, it almost give me a shock that this is the very traditional Malaysian food that we almost forgot after a long serious infection by the shushi, fast food, western delight and ........a lot more by our current living life style.

It does giving me a lot of thought. Dear, thanks for reminding me of this.

Another good breakfast place

Kenny and Khoon Lim, I sure you guys will miss this local delicacy very much hehehe...this is another good breakfast place that I would like to recommend to both of you. The curry mee and chicken slice with mushroom maggi is dammmm.....delicious!!!! I think tomorrow i will go to have it again with my wife :P

Donuts!!! eat all you can

Recently Penang Gurney Plaza had open a new shop that call Big Apple Donuts & Coffee. They had a lot of different kind of donuts and it almost make me crazy until i donno which one to choose. The price is reasonable and it really really very delicious. But one thing, i did not seeing any big apple there and I'm wondering why they named it big apple donuts & coffee.
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