Sunday, November 28, 2010

South Africa Trip- Capetown (Day 1)

guys, sorry for late "contact"... well, just went to a great trip on Oct 2010 with my company... guess wat? its full of surprise to where were i goin? its South Africa~!well, we transit @ bangkok while on the way to Africa..its not my 1st time to bangkok, but definately my 1st time to Chatuchak~! i just lov this place...its full of "treasure" to me~!
well b4 shop, must fill up out tummy with great thai food~cheap & deliciousssss

it divided to areas in Chatuchak, more that 20 areas if i m not mistaken...its a very big 1 of my favourite area is this street...dunno wat it call, just like it so much...

ice tube!

pets & lots of petssss....
ready to fly...
view from our flight...remarkable-Table Mountain~!
well football fever every lasting~!
at last~! after 15 hrs flight~! reached destination with fesh air~!
1st station to the beach to get a great view of Table Moutain. my god mother was soOOo cool~like it!
a warm welcome from the cape townist with their african music....well its cool..

so where is this place?hmm...wats africa to u? for me of coz animals, animals & lots of animals..tats rite~its Ostrich farm~!
guess wat? one of the largest eggs is Ostrich follow by emu..
check out wat we r standing~! wat an Unbreakable egg~!
refugeess area taken from my bus while on the way to Hotel~exactly like wat we see from movies...
to b continuesss.....

Friday, November 26, 2010


Heavy rotation song lately. 三年二班, a hidden gem in his 4th studio album; 叶惠美. I means its not those hits song in Jay's song list, unless you are his hardcore fans. This album is maybe my most favourite of Jay Chou (others are 范特西 and 七里香). All are early days albums, no need further explain i guess?

To me, the music, creativity, image and styling from 叶惠美 are all his top notch. I love 晴天 and 以父之名 when the album come out during 2003, honestly i didn't buy the album that time, so i only heard/know some 'hits songs'. Until today, they are still my favourites, and luckily i found the album and this track;  三年二班. Guys, just love it if you know what the song really means, or else just enjoy the creativity of the composer.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


FINALLY... they are coming! A reason to Singapore next year? Or seeing me there more often? lol~
Btw, im not kidding...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Last Sunday, hardly woke up at 0500 on a rainy morning. Out for this...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harmoniously Contrast

I'm not that sure for the title, its just the impact of contradiction to me...
One of my favourites shot recently.

Friday, November 19, 2010

New Balance 1300

Smarter b, the idea is cool if apply on our logo. hehee.. Check it guys, a great presentation of New Balance.

NB1300, a retro, classic model. Been commented to be the best shoe ever made by New Balance. To me, NB576 or 574 are the entry level. NB1300 is certainly more refined, a well made vintage goods for NB hardcore (Made in USA is a must). And of course Grey is always the best original tone.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One Night In Hong Kong

Found these when organizing the recent months photos. Some lovely night shots, using full manual setting of my little LX3. Kinda the 2nd series from previous home snap.

Friday, November 12, 2010

DIY: ALL Leather Mobile Stripe

I couldn't find a well made mobile stripe. First i prefer it in leather, i means all leather, without the metal joint parts. Its hard to find one when i explain my requires to many mobile accs stores. They even said im talking nonsense; "without the metal parts, how to joint the leather stripe and the string!?"

So to prove this make sense, i come out this sketch. Then i bring it to LACONIC workshop, they always get what i means. gegee..


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