Monday, February 15, 2010

futher more of Guilin-China ( part 2)

notice the bridge at our back, its made of glass, so the name is called 'glass bridge~!'

check this out..wooOOoww 'its 5 start toilet, the good news is i couldnt find the toilet~!ha!
the is my fauvorite food in this trip~!!woooow..its 'Hui Guo Rou' (fatty Pork in chillin stir fry)~!!
this place is called "Tie Chai Shan", its a mountain in the middle of Guilin an accident funny shoot of my fren~!this is our dinner place , kiv check this out, bought a trench coat there~!

while on the way back, i found this in the airport...Guys , click n enlarge to check this out..hehehhe..hope u like it, Pin~!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A short & colddddd Trip To Guilin-China~! (part 1..)

Well guys, i went to this trip with company last month, here r some photos shoot 2 share with u all..
when we reach Guilin, we went to the area call Yang Shuo, and we reach to this port call Li Jiang, its lake connection to river...
the scenario is like the movie "Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger", mountain, river, haze...of coz nice man, but it was rainy that day, so...very cold to me~!
funny thing is the boat fellow put this 'kind of bird' in the boat to let us take photo, but...each photo is RMB5..hahahh...chinese always good in business yaa...interesting part is they took us to a 1000 years old culture village, eveything was sooo...antique there...
after watching the movie "Bodyguards & assasins", i must salute 'Sun'~!

check this out, President Clinton even here b4.....

the best shoot of my 1st Part. its was primary school in the village so old they were closed n only for visit

to b continueeeeeeee....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Eason Chan in 2010

Arrh.... wish I can attend...

Catch his latest plug.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Monday, February 08, 2010

Boots UP!

My boots addiction is getting serious these days. Hahah.. Sharing some selective models from my image archives.

Dr. Martens x izzue; the coolest Dr.M I ever seen, although I'm not so into Dr.M. Perhaps the leather combination or the ZIP? hmm...
PALLADIUM x Neil Barrett; another good job from Neil.
WOLVERINE; 'Something' other than RED WING.
COMMON PROJECTS; a brand that I want to share for a long time. This boots isn't his best item yet. Click the link to know why...
BALENCIAGA; I'm not that hi-fashion type, but I love Balenciaga honestly.
Danner x SOPHNET; yes, it appeared before, still in my favourites list.
DIOR HOMME; I suggest Clarks should makes some reference on this, ZIP~!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Congratulation to our Ah Ku(uncle in hokkien) KTKS~!

Congratulations to smarter KTKS's Sis - Li Hsia

guys, i went to Loh Guan Lye just now n met Kenny's mom. she told me that Li Hsia gav birth yesterday..wooooo.... so our KTKS b'com Ah Ku (hokkien, means uncle) d.took a shoot of room 5506, "Pin , tomlo TOTO n Magnum~!"
happy family yaaa....
heard 3.5kg , woooOoow...guess boy or gal
Check this out, can SMILE even only 1 day~!!!

all the best to baby from 5marts~!!!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

like this...

TOPMAN lens collection S/S 2010
a designers collaboration project from TOPMAN. Above is my favourite. More info...
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