Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my 60EH moment.

At Tsim Sha Tsu the nite; the 60 EARTH HOUR.
Blackout! although not all, but better thn doing nothing.
Tonight, the city is more charming thn a countdown fireworks.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

recent event.

The program guide book and the mascot designed by Jan Lamb.
Great infos n movies intro inside...

hmm.. interesting, tribute to Leslie Cheung.
ps; smarter b, interested on this? if yes, send me mailing adds.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Smarters/Visitors/ALL, we are having a little short break on tomorrow 28 MAR'09 (SAT) frm 20:30~21:30 local time. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. :-)

switching off ur lights for 1 hour - EARTH HOUR! let see the world in new light!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Houhin's A.T.F (All Time Favorite) items


My S.L.K (Small Little Kancil)

I'm driving this car for almost 10yrs and I'm still lovin it. It small but it is very tough. I use to drive it like TOYOTA HILUX and never fear of the bumpy road that we always sick of it.

It just like my second home that full of memory there with my wife. Eat, drinks, enjoying scenery, sharing happy and sad.

The photo is my SLK car key.



The house of my wife and I

The very first house that my wife and I bought it together and it is a major, an important and giant decision that we make it in year 2006. It is quite smooth during the process of purchase and thanks to all that had being contributing and helping me to make it come true. 

We started it from nothing to something and its mean a lot for me and my wife. Although it is quite tough to be living by your own without your parents cares, but sometime you just need to be live independently and taking the role to take care and maintain your very own family. I guess, this is where you started to grow up from "don't need to knowing anything" to "need to knowing everything" for example. changing your house lamp, cleaning your house, cooking or even killing the PEST. But I enjoy it ^_^

The photo is my apartment premises access card. Of course it did not come with the "Thomas & Friends"cover.


I would like to call it 5marts wedding rings

Since the day that I know that Kiv is a jewelry designer, I had being wishing that when the time I get married I can wear the wedding rings that was design by Kiv. And I'm so happy and lucky that the 5marts Kiv, Scwa, Kenny and Brandon had make it come true and I really had it during my wedding dinner night.

Until now, I still never forget the surprise that you guys had gave it to me and my wife. Thanks for the best wishes and the precious thing, Its mean a lots for me and my wife.

The photo is my wedding rings with my wife and I's last name + the blue diamond.


nothing is impossible.....

Oo..SHEK-O part2

lets start the pt2 now, here we GO!!

bring U to the other side of SHEK-O, heading to the 'good spot' which according to the local recommendation...
Come here if u have feel tired, bored, uninspired or just a little runaway frm a concrete jungle...
tis two girls got my "影后" awards that day! haha... nicee pose
feel the beat! n gimme me the 'Uum...!'
The paths in the middle of nowhere? NO, to the 'good spot' i told myself...
windy inspiration~
Do u love fishing like thy do??

i just like this kinda shot- floral; the pretty gal frm nature :-)
Natural FIT T-back! LOL~
it tells me; "u are so small in front of me."
n sometimes we look back on our life...
YES, actually im already in 'GOOD SPOT' frm the beginning for the trip (walk-climb-shot) earlier before i reached here.
Sorry, im wordless in this moment...

A: "Hey, this is truly a GOOD location for BBQ!"

B: "No... This one its a lots BETTER!!" 
A&B: "...and this is the BEST i have seen so far......"
(add a sunset PLS~)
On the way back, a nicee beach for bonus!
ok, thats all for the sharing. N go back to the concrete jungle! haha...

Friday, March 20, 2009

3rd day Shen Zhen...:>

3rd Day, went to Dan Fen oil painting village. well can find nice paint there, but i found others...

the whole thing is 1 piece paper cutting handwork...nice man~brother "Teng"
we can find nice n character art shops n cafe shops there, this is one of the unique name one...
another nice attration, ---"Interlakens", its location upto the hills, got france style n too bad not enought time there

must not forget our old buddy.....

too many pics to share with u guys, anyway, ending with this one~!!hahaahah..after we went to karaoke from 12 midnite till 6am, we went to breakfast~!!!kiv, u the one....after that. homw sweet home to penang~~~~~~~

2nd Shen Zhen trip......

this is somewhere i found insteresting, "The chinese culture attration". 82 china attrations places building with scale 1:15
well, havent been to the real "Great Wall of China", so this is the downsize building~!
guys, remember the movie Storm riders (Feng Yun) by Aaron Kwok n Ekin Cheng, well this the downsize scenario

i like this pic of the scale, heheheh......
guess who i met......this was the most interestin momment on that trip~! ha, Company had organise a Gala dinner, then each of us was given a china different races dress to wear on that day..here am i~!!

each of our dress is get by our luck, so me kena blue one, n my collegues....

anyway, many thanks to u guys, without ur support, i couldnt not achieve this~!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ShenZhen trip~!!

guys, i just came back from Shen Zhen for company incentives trip, well this trip was nice n relax, here are some pics to show u guys....

i took this pic outside Shen Zhen airport, it was my 1st time there, and its much advance than my expectation...in face is much much advance than penang...heheh..
we are staying Century Hotel at Luo Hu centre, these were some of my collegues..

this is luo hu station, which can connect to Hong Kong, well i was waitin for someone there.....

guess who.....
yeass, our smarters KIV~!! well, it was excited to meet our bro at far away places, well, he brought me to 'little sheep' steamboat~!woOOOw...
it was a 'ying yang' steamboat with herbal soup n spicy soup, (Pin u tak boleh makan lah, coz u agama hitam tak boleh makan lembu rite..heheh..)

well, it took us 2 hours to finish our dinner ....well theres more pic..
to be continue.....

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