Saturday, June 30, 2012

EURO2012: My Best Kit #3

Since Nike becoming their kit maker at nearly 2011, all their designs have move into a classy and simplicity french way. Suit for a preppy style and the best thing is making it like a daily wear. Not sure for everyone but definitely yes to me. Especially this one, my third best; France away kit. Kind of the advance version of previous one.

Why I put it on the third place on my list? By making it a daily use polo shirt, the elbow length sleeves are a little longer and loose. Maybe Im too skinny to carry this part. But I still prefer it this way. Ahaha.. At least its fit and looks so smart on french players!

The total all white styling reminds me of this previous 2010 best design. Hmm...

EURO2012: My Best Kit #2

Counted second in my list, the Netherlands away kit, probably could be many others favourite too. So lets forget about their performance. Here, its solely about the design and styling only. Hehe..

The black x orange combination is consider one of Dutch classic that has appeared a few time in their shirt history. And this should be among the best. Also a left alignment of player's number. Noticed the fonts, some kinda customized square type. Perfect pairing under the edge of orange bold line from the shoulder.

Beside that, another surprising element hidden under the sleeves. Similar with this previous french design. Becoming one of Nike's trademark design. Love it!

Previously I don't prefer to put up any numbers when buying a football kit. But this one does change my mind or thinking, and I mean totally. Make it my favourite no.2!

EURO2012: My Best Kit #1

Suppose to share this earlier, busying and dragging till now. Since the tournament is still left with a grand finale, makes me more excited to complete these posts. You guys already saw all the national team (home/away) kits after all the previous matches. The following will be my favourites and I picked a total of 3. Solely on the design and styling. So that's why Spain is not in the list as usual. Hmm..

Believe it or not, Poland home kit is my favourite no.1, topping the list. Pictures help to tell the story..

Design inspired from the Polish national flag. The bold red rectangle is actually the bottom half of their flag. While the white upper parts quietly blending in with the whole kit. Looks even better when printed with the left alignment player's number. Well Nike does makes pretty good fonts and also the way of applying.

Spotted the different on the centre missing national emblem. If some of you didn't know, there was a huge controversy behind the launching of this kit (above picture). The kit maker; Nike initially excluding the national coat of arms was causing uproar across the country. So what you see today is the solution by placing back the white eagle in between the Swoosh and the well designed PZPN logo (blending an eagle with a football transparently). Some said its weird or crowded on the placing but I just like this kinda little oddity. Retaining their classic and modern character of a country.

See how serious they treat their national coat of arms. Hmm.. Presented by Jakub Blaszczykowski (too hard to pronounce) aka; Kuba, the captain. Kinda like his style of play and facial hair style. Haha..

Friday, June 29, 2012

Sunday Heritage 12KM Run Plan

Refined version of our routine route, going more into Beach St. area (fav. spot). Still maintain a 12km distance, see we can make some improvement in our time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunday 12KM Run

So glad to complete the route as we planed. Shifting a new route does make some different. Anyway it was a great experience for the steep challenge and slowly add up a 2km too. So 12km wasn't that much different either. Hmm.. Photos snap at the turning point; Tanjung Bungah Floating Mosque.


Saturday, June 23, 2012


Can't wait for tonight game; Spain v France. Both are my favourite teams to watch. Too bad one of them is going home tonight. Beside that, some funny stuff to kill the time. This is such a way to show a great player. Hehee.. and he is Andrés Iniesta from Spain and FC Barcelona. Get more from dabench.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunday Run Plan 12KM

This a revised version of our night run plan 3. Found a better way to share the route, thanks to Google Map again! Treat this as a little progression training with some steep challenge too. Hehee..

12KM: McD Sunrise Tower > < Tanjung Bunga Floating Mosque

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday Routine Run

Our night run plan is slowly moving on to sunrise time zone. Haha.. Anyway we still keep it on. Got a little time to take some snaps. Captured at our usual 'finish line'. Its a hazy morning, not that hot and humid with some cool breeze. Just nice for our run. And I got a quite good looking result for our routine route; 10km / 1hr 12min! My best so far, a truly tough one. Maybe its because we only (lazy) run once a week. LOL~ I wonder how long to push the limit into 1 hour for 10km? But Im still glad with this..

Lots of cyclists we met during our run these days. Maybe Penangites are getting more and more healthy minded now. Hmm.. Btw a cool orange kit they have.

And our weekly treats; a good English Breakfast nearby Botanic Garden together with the freshly made fruit juice. The perfect reviving duo to heal our long run. Hehee.. We made some exotic recipes for round 2; Green Apple x Bitter gourd (left); Dragon Fruit x Jack Fruit (right)! Tastes..... Please don't try this at home, especially the right one. LOL~

Friday, June 15, 2012

EURO2012: ESP 4-0 IRL

Well done and I'm pleased with it! Good night everyone.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

EURO2012: NED v GER behind the scenes

EURO 2012; my summer attraction. Interesting than London Olympic to me. Hehe.. And I guess most of you did watch last night match. Should be the greatest group game at the moment. Anyway result is not everything to me, wanna share more behind the scenes here. One of my favourites part of a game.

Manuel Neuer, the German goalkeeper and one of the best in world. Germany never less talent in this spot.

Joachim Löw; the German coach. Smartest good looking coach in Europe other than him. Btw, he seems like gaining some weight recently. Haha..

Mario Götze; my favourite young German player, skillful and talented. Not that often in the starting eleven but soon will. Hope to see him in the coming match.

Rafael van der Vaart (right); one of the Netherlands Playmaker that I like to see him play regularly. Notice their kits, the jacket or polo, another nice colour combination other than orange/black. Of course from Nike.

Into dressing room...

Other than apple and bananas, spotted Red Bull! Guru Ping, does it really help? Hehe.. I mean in our running.

Found another great looking black and white training top on the players last night. Love the fonts too. Oh, they all wear it while waiting on bench. Too bad didn't see this in store.

That's all for now, gonna get ready for an early nap for tonight Spanish game. Finger crossed!

All photos via UEFA

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

sketches: Clarks & Vans

Another long time image in my my mind. These two are my most favourites from each labels in recent years or now. Interesting to me and I found some similarities between them when I recall. Both are in 3 steps or stages to reach here. Which is my favourite model counted from high school to college and now.

High school; Clarks Wallabee & Vans SK8

College; Clarks Natalie/Redland & Vans Authentic/Era

Now (2012); Clarks Desert Boot & Vans Chukka Boot

Consider an evolution or my progress of simplifying or refinement. Perhaps another facts of getting old? LOL~ How about you? Do we share any similarities?

Friday, June 08, 2012


I would pick MI4 for my action movie of 2011. For this year, Skyfall could be the contender beside Batman.

The other attraction of James Bond's movie; all the well cutting suit! Hmm.. And this one is custom made by Tom Ford, a perfect combination with Bond. More info here...

Friday, June 01, 2012

Nike Sportswear Tees

Released a while by Nike Sportswear. Putting some boldness inside especially for a label like Nike. Loving the message or graphics, looks great with any colour combination on any tees. You can get it here.

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