Thursday, February 26, 2009

These will look good in SUMMER!

Other than Chuck's/CONS All Star, this would be the 2nd multistyling classic sneaker! Which able to suit any bottoms/pants/styles... These are some of the best i found... pick ur fav!

Keds - the founder, i guess... if anyone knw the history? the 3 basic colour! model name; Champion.

VANS has 2 models; Authentic & Era, dont mixup. They really make it well n bring us many selection; colour, material, crossover, limited...etc. bellow are sum of my fav...

CONVERSE also make it, called 'SkidGrip'. Of course not so wellknown compare to his bro; All Star, JackPurcell....

LACOSTE has present it in their way, called 'Ibiza'. With add on details on the back of shoe; the rubber cover with the brand name. Look at the 2nd pic, canvas 2tone Ibiza; the Green one is my idea colour!

le coq sportif, another brand frm France. The best part is the totally French colourway! but the front part of the shoe is not smooth n slick enough in my point of view. Btw, they are using the same invisible cutting lines on their outsoles like current Jack Purcell.

A.P.C is a brand that i admired! But bit pricy for me, hehe.. n also frm France! Thy are really kinda styling genius. A.P.C version; nothing special, just the way i like! haha...

After all, a brand frm our country that we shouldn't miss! Atleast sumthg/product 'MADE IN MALAYSIA' that i proud of!!!
pallas - the brand name. Their version called 'Jazz'. Honestly, its a shoe for school. But its looks truly simple n nice. Amazingly matched any style if u knw how to appreciate it.
A scale of the proportion compare with other brands, tis make it diff/unique! Mb one day 5marts can collaborates with pallas Jazz for creating out our own version/colourway/materials... before tat, grab the original one to mix in ur own styling! U no need to be rich to looks GOOD.

BOSS KIV~!mission accomplished~!

to our bossy KIV,
i arrived b4 lunch hour, with steday action, i passed ur cake to target exactly as u told.
the whole perimeter was secure luckily. something surprised, i tot Pun is guy, but was indian lady. anyway Bossy Kiv did a great job on V -day~! so kiv, happy??hehhe...very romantic arr..
report over.
smarter scwa~!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nice article suppose to share during Valentine

Hi Guys, I found out this email forwarded article and it is really touching me and i do hope it does the same to anyone who read it.






女人有時真的好傻, 可以為了愛一個男人,而早上上班,晚上煮飯做家事帶小孩,有工作也有家事的壓力;但男人沒差,反而多了個賺錢的人和不用給薪的女傭。


男人啊 ! 若你您的身邊有這樣的一個傻女人時,請當她的笨男人,好好的珍惜她、照顧她吧。




Thursday, February 19, 2009

meeting SUITMAN!

Young Kim aka SUITMAN. Found this event frm his blog. Decided to attend since im here, and able to meet him personally for the first time... kinda respect on his ideas, determination and outcomes of so many years. Smarters, he is one of a good example for us! More on interview...

Before heading to the event, cum out a special greeting card for SUITMAN. Due to running out of time, decided to draw it out directly, and it can be a CD jacket.

Step 01. Pencil sketch
Step 02. Inked
Step 03. Colour n final touch-up
Step 04. Greeting n some hardsell! hehe...
Step 05. Trim n fold.
Step 06. Ready to GO!!!

The nite, found the place, its not in the main road (Thxx to Google map). They have picked a nice n cosy environment just infront of MADHOUSE. Sheung Wan to Central, always love this area!

A picture is worth a thousand words. (ahyaa.. forgot to wear the spec!)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

add some ORANGE in the early spring...

It tells me: 吃了我,还有千千万万个我!

This hoodie is great for the current wheather. Actually grab it bcos of the colour combination. So KNVB /Netherlands character! hehe...

some random shot frm nature...

nice pattern plastic fence...
Ya, u should do this! if u are a dog owner. hehee..

Last but not least, ORANGe MOON; latest album (2nd edition) frm Khalil Fong. He has grabs sum major awards in HK; Best Male Vocal, Producer/Singer, Composer... n he not yet releases a single Canto album. This is the 2nd edition + live DVD that im waiting for sum times. Seem like music industry is practice the 'add-on' idea to increase the selling. n its no bad for a consumer who still willing to spend on CD. haha...
n Happy Valentine to all, btw this come with the CD.
is it?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sawadeekup Pt.2 kup.. A kup.. B kup.. C kup...

Finally got sum times to compile the pics to HatYai! The excitment continue...
After the yummy...diner n shoppin, bck to hotel! well, compare to gals, we got nothgs but these... the 1st 5marts 'unifom' hehehe... in Changs Beer style!

The next day, 1st act; finding our brunch in the crowded market. look at the pose, seems like we r kind of natural on it, u can find it in others pics... n i dont knw why...n we found this, the fine local delicacy!
not sure wat it call, but in our language - Yummy..Yummy :-p
their "siu yuk link with cha siu" together, taste just perfect!
The main course of our brunch... "mo tak teng"!

After that, continue to shop n explore... found sum fun x nice stuffs! total 3 words to describe -"型, 型, 型!" take a break, hv a CoCoNut Juice! dont miss it, if u r there! Look at the WayFarrer & Aviator style, we carry it too well! haha...
Wont skip the most interesting transpot in Thailand - Tut-Tut
this how we treat a stranger who insist to jump into our Tut-Tut, the example:

we also went to a small flea market in town, not bad. Where Linda & Crystal get their niceee handmade bracelet!
some creative items u can find here, tis is made of a 1.5 L plastic bottle, ThumbsUp for Thai!!

That was it, sign out frm here! adios! (that pose again!?)

HOLA~ they did it again!

Wokeup tis early morning to catch the friendly match of ESP vs ENG. ThumbsUP for Spain again! Playing stylishly n exciting skill. With this squad, which team could beat thm at tis moment?? hehehee~

ESP 2 : 0 ENG
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