Monday, December 31, 2012


Hmm.. this is really not a plan or what I want it to be. And I still don't want this to be a practice. Still make it for our last day or post of 2012! Ops.. also my 400 posts!

Happy 4th Anniversary to 5marts and Happy New Year to You!

5marts Last Supper

Our latest gathering...

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Have stop the sketches series for some time. The image already in mind, I just need a little time to make it.

To be continue... n happy weekend!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Balance 577 FARMERS MARKET

Just found this behind the scene video, sharing and archiving here as usual. Model 577 is one of the best came out from Flimby UK. Colours are not my kind but I love their concept and creativeness.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


December is always our crazy and busy month (excuse of lack posting)! Well at least I found an interesting stuff to share here. Perhaps an idea for the Christmas gift. Pretty sure everyone who get this would be cheer and happy with it!

They are called FITZSIMMONS from a Canadian shoemaker; native. This model is actually based on the classic Danner Mountain Light. Found them recently in a year end sales price tag. Love it more~!

They are super light and not bulky, make a comparison with my favourites New Balance... both in US9.

Only three colours available here; Cordova Red, Beaver Brown and Sherwood Green (not in pic). Find more from their web and which colour are you? :-)

Additional video..

Friday, December 07, 2012

YUAN Carnival Mascot Design Competition

Just got the good news, entered the last 30 finalist! Boys and girls, I need your help for a precious 'Like' in NTV7 official facebook, and here is the link.. Many thanks!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

DIY: Cropped Pants

Didn't make a DIY post for some time. Found some old pieces that sleep too long in the wardrobe. Asking my 'panel' tailors to trim and taper it. Im kinda lazy on rolled up and up so these 3 become my favourite lately.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

PBIM 2012 Result

A late after run summary. A little disappointed that can’t squeeze into 2 hours mark but it’s getting closer and closer somehow. Anyway still happy with the result especially compared with last year. So much encouraging. Running builds confidence and greatness the same time, and double it when I have running mates like Ping and Scwa together! :-)

Friday, November 16, 2012

PBIM 2012 Countdown...

One last day to go for our Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012. Our running team called it the yearly exam/event and we almost failed it last year on the first attempt (21km)... So we have try out best to achieve every mileage and training. Hoping this year result will be a little more encouraging. We have the confidence and we CAN do/conquer it in 3 hours mark, while 2 hours shall be a dream come true to me. :-)

Fingers crossed for a bunch of addicted runners and get the party started!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I said I should cut off my online shopping addicts lately, well sometime the discount price is just drive us crazy. Especially during seasonal sale with a little rare model magic. Honestly I really love the Swoosh-less and asymmetric design of it, and the zips are the highlight. I might grab one of them, which colour do you think?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Wedding performance~!!

Here's the performance we did on one of my friend's wedding.Good for a laugh. Enjoy~!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

NIKE WE RUN KL 2012 Customize Tee

Just got this freshly customize goodies. Many thanks and muchly appreciated for the efforts of Smarter Scwa.

Friday, November 09, 2012

李宗盛@縱貫線: 給自己的歌

Another great song or hidden gems that came from the producer and songwriter himself; 李宗盛 Jonathan Lee. Found and brought the album few months ago. It's simply because of this song and others are bonus.

詞曲: 李宗盛@縱貫線 編曲: 縱貫線SuperBand

想得卻不可得 你奈人生何
該捨的捨不得 只顧著跟往事瞎扯

等你發現時間是賊了 它早已偷光你的選擇
愛戀不過是一場高燒 思念是緊跟著的好不了的咳

是不能原諒卻無法阻擋 恨意在夜裡翻牆
是空空蕩蕩卻嗡嗡作響 誰在你心裡放冷槍

然後好幾年都聞不得 問不得女人香

往事並不如煙 是的 在愛裡念舊也不算美德
可惜戀愛不像寫歌 再認真也成不了風格


歲月 你別催 該來的我不推 該還的還該給的我給
歲月 你別催 走遠的我不追 我不過是想弄清原委

誰能告訴我 這是什麼呢
她的愛在心裡 埋葬了 抹平了 幾年了 

是不能原諒卻無法阻擋 愛意在夜裡翻牆
是空空蕩蕩卻嗡嗡作響 誰在你心裡放冷槍

然後好幾年都聞不得 問不得女人香
然後好幾年都聞不得 問不得女人香

想得卻不可得 你奈人生何
想得卻不可得 情愛裡無智者

Thursday, November 08, 2012

New Balance Selection Phobia

I should stop my recent online shopping madness. I love them but I can't keep both, Grey or Navy? Suggestion?

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Friday, November 02, 2012

Air NZ and The Hobbit

Air New Zealand has just team up with The Hobbit to make this video. Such details and hilarious, a smart marketing way for both! Beside that, recipes from Middle-Earth are worth to try?

Thursday, November 01, 2012

New Balance 100th Anniversary

Okay I know it sounds a little boring, but forgive me for building an archive of my favourite New Balance story. Hmm.. I found it coincidentally while googling on their shoes. I guess this is actually the initial idea or inspiration of the recent campaign. And Im so loving their Grey x Navy combination on this one, the NB's soul colour!

To celebrate New Balance’s 100 year anniversary, the brand at the forefront of running shoe design has produced three limited edition trainers to honour three of its longest serving employees. Audrey Stewart, Ian Byers and Victor Dixon have been crafting New Balance footwear between them for over 70 years at the UK factory in Flimby, near the Lake District. The three have been bestowed with the title of ‘Flimby Heroes’ and their portraits will feature on the new designs.

Paying tribute to New Balance’s vintage running past, the three chosen styles, the 1500, the 670 and the 577 have been reintroduced in their original grey/navy colourways resulting in a distinctive retro look. The limited edition footwear will be distributed to fewer than 150 outlets worldwide and only 1906 (the year that New Balance was conceived) pairs will be produced in each style. Available in-store from 1 October 2006, the footwear and packaging celebrate the personalities of Audrey, Ian and Victor.

New Balance adopted an ‘Endorsed by No One’ philosophy in the late 1980s, preferring to invest in research, design and domestic manufacturing rather than paying celebrities to don their product. In typical New Balance style the brand is paying homage to the real heroes, its employees, and recognising that they have been instrumental to the success of the brand.

The longest serving Flimby Hero, Audrey Stewart has been working in the stitching department of the factory for almost 25 years and in the course of a regular day at work met Prince Charles as part of a Royal visit. She said: "I’ve been handling and making New Balance shoes for a quarter of a century. I never dreamt I would actually appear on them. It’s a great honour to be involved in the centenary celebrations in this way."

Ian Byers started at New Balance in 1982 and has been honing his skills as ‘toe and side laster’ ever since. Whilst Victor Dixon, whose finest moment was crafting Bryan Robson’s football boots, has been with the company since 1982.

Alistair Cameron, General Manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa said: "We wanted to celebrate our centenary year in a traditional New Balance way. As well as honouring domestic manufacturing the Flimby Heroes highlight how valuable our employees are to us - they are the celebrities of the brand itself!"
(Read it from Dean Chalkley)

New Balance Centenary M577 Audrey Stewart

New Balance Centenary M670 Victor Dixon

New Balance Centenary M1500 Ian Byers

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Eason Chan 完

Another great song from his latest canto album; ...3mm. It's like flowing in The Five Stages of Grief, from Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression into Acceptance. That kind of simple and inspiring...

曲: Eric Kwok 詞: 林寶 編: Swing 監製: Swing / Eason Chan

一刻心也跳著 命能懸著 尚能延著 雖則一秒過後或結帳
光陰雖倒計著 但呢喃下 照樣漫長 塵寰未了 沒有路撒手歸向

從來從來病床一張 就算已躺上 點滴再響 但意志高漲
雖已走向那滅亡最終一章 全力多打漂亮一仗
仍祈望那重傷 或會有轉向 這是妄想 怎也說不上
無力軟弱 總不免變得倔強 無奈生於死角 只得一個下場

終逼出勇氣讓 被誰懲罰 被誰原諒
願再擔保 不過信譽壞了帳
終識得去退讓 但懸崖上 再沒後牆
唯求未變敵對 互送多一掌

從來從來病床一張 就算已躺上 點滴再響 但意志高漲
雖已走向那滅亡最終一章 全力多打漂亮一仗
如承受那重傷 未見有轉向 這樣對比 可會太牽強
同樣脆弱 不得已要坦白嗎 病至膏肓 再避不上

自認自認 未絕望未去努力著 但時日錯過了 再怎可勉強
沒權利失落 失望今天我倆 俱傷得欠救藥

原來尚有創傷 沒法去敷上 關係哪可 斷了再拉上
可會驚詫 世事如只得一廂 沒法扭轉結局方向
原來尚有理想 沒法再攀上 想贈那獎 都不及去頒上
難道歲月 多少課也可白上 唯獨告別路途 要懂怎去走上

手一僵 眼閉著 未能延著 別求延著
學會花圈棺蓋了後 就獻上
但願步過瞻仰 你亦明白 看穿真相
尚有些仗 全力亦打不上

Monday, October 08, 2012


So close to an eastern remake of OCEAN'S 11? Pretty good casting and into the waiting list after SKYFALL.

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