Monday, January 31, 2011

长洲一人游 part 2

After the "上山下海" from part 1, the explore and experience continue to the neighborhood, keep riding into their village, meeting locals, grab some snacks, take more photos... Truly exhausted at the end of the trip, totally all wet inside out. And going back with my tired body but gaining a little something in my mind. Well that was a great trip to recall.


Friday, January 28, 2011

iBlock iPod speaker

First I want an iPod speaker, must be handy means cable/wire-less, and neither USB type nor batteries type. Prefer in either 3.5mm jack or dock connection. So this is it, finally found her soul mate!

I first saw it in Hong Kong few years back, at that time I didn't need it, so I just threw it inside my mind. But why I need it now? Its because I didn't store any personal things in office desktop till today. I only play music from iTunes in my laptops while working in front my desktop. I know it sounds a little silly, but still prefer not to synchronize any entertaining files to office desktop. hehee.. Which means every time i need to run my laptop just to play music, and this is not the idea. Then this little wizard suddenly pop up from my mind, and whispering; " its time to grab me now..."

My first choice was Black, too bad run out of stock, and only left one, which is the above; Silver. Means you either want it or not. Easy enough, and void the 'Selective Phobia' problem. (actually Silver is my plan B) gegee.. So let start the game, just plug and play! Wicked!

It has been tested, almost played for 3 working days, around 20 hours+ with my full charged iPod. Satisfaction guarantee! lol~!! Okok, i know you need the link now, go to VERSOS.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

EASON CHAN 2010-2011 EPs

I just got his last year EP (Extended Play); TASTE the ATMOSPHERE. Again, im super.. late, but why we need that fast in this case? Since his music is without expiry date to me. hmm..

I can wait, I can stand for all attractions (discounts price, MP3...etc.), just for this... MADE IN HK? Whats the different? No, nothing different, I just like it to be more origin where his music is born. LOL~ I know im sick on this! ahaha...

After playing all tracks, its truly irresistible to me. But I wanna share other thing beside the music. Especially the concept behind. All photos taken by Wing Shya (one of my fav. photographer). Purposely shot him in small figure with large scale of background environment, like people are so small in nature world. To emphasize music as his priority not who is on the big cover shot.

Release: OCT 2010

01 Welcome to the Future (featuring 薩頂頂)
02 講男講女 (duet with Rowena Cortes 露雲娜)
03 葉問風中轉
04 花花世界
05 我杯茶 (featuring 莫文蔚)
06 超錯
Hidden Tracks:
07 葉問風中轉 (Demo version)
08 講男講女 (NG take) (duet with Rowena Cortes 露雲娜)


Ok, since im so.. late for the above EP, let share his latest coming up one; STRANGER UNDER MY SKIN. (wtf! EP again!? Why they dont want to make it in 1 album!?) ahaha.. But im agree with this, both EP totally in different producer, but still flowing in same theme. Its more like a 2nd half of a game to me. Click to read the story behind...

Continue with the nature theme... but couldn't see the title yet, no sure its a cover.

Release: FEB 2011

DISC1 (canto)
01. My Private Christmas Song (英)
02. 苦瓜
03. 六月飛霜
04. Stranger under my skin
05. 沼氣
06. 最後派對

DISC2 (chi)
01. 等你愛我 (電影: 將愛 主題曲)
02. 因為愛情 (電影: 將愛 插曲) (duet with 王菲)
03. 樂園 (duet with 黃韻玲)


Monday, January 24, 2011

Harmoniously Contrast

Saw this recently in a fashion boutique. A quick mobile snap, might be a little blurry. It said; "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING YOU CAN PUT ON IS CONFIDENCE." Nicely appear on one side of the wall in the shop, I mean fashion boutique. Hmm.. love it!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Crazy Stone

Looking for this movie for a while...anyone hav a copy ..let me know

Thursday, January 20, 2011

长洲一人游 part 1

Nowadays its too easy (over convenient?) for us to capture tons of photos in digital. Sometimes I found that it almost confuse me on the purpose of doing it. Anyways, found these photos when i doing backup for 2010, which I almost forget about it. So I guess photos did help us to recall the good or bad moments in life, the only thing is; you need some time to organize them. hmm..

Below are photos taken during last summer in a one day trip to 长洲 Cheung Chau HK. Time flies, but still remember its a hot.. sunny day. I travel alone, everything stay in handy along with my rucksack and LX3. Before i go there, these are the few things i knew about the island; 太平清醮, 抢包山 and 烧炭. I guess its more than enough for my first attempt to Cheung Chau. It took around an hour of ferry from Central, HK to reach the island. And the first thing to do is rent a bicycle! hehe.. So story continue with these.....

to be continue...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

France (FFF) Home Shirt 2011/12

Honestly, I'm shocked when first saw this. Adidas has ended the historic partner/sponsorship with FFF? To me, this is more like an end of Zinedine Zidane's age of French football. Which also represent a new era of France football team.

Again Nike Football didn't disappoint me! I really.. love this new design. Love the classic blending new, smartly arrange the classic Red portion. And a phrase behind the crest of every football kits designed by Nike is slowly become a culture of Nike Football. So the phrase for French team is;  "United By Our Differences". That's an impact, love it more! Since im once a fans of French football, hope to see them playing back their smart and balance game, like what 'ZZ' show us before, together with their new kits!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Another great range from NIKE. I love the product design, beautifully functional. Just that simple.

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