Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Recent Pickup... JAN'09

New add up on my tie library. hehe.. Love the left one most, its a dark forest green.

Always wana find a 365 daily bracelet tat u no need to think whn u go out/travel n it can suit casual or formal looks. This is it! a X'mas present frm boo. Thxx~

Suppose to search for a white belt, but end up get these two... appreciate the design n creativity on the left. For the right, its a perfect woven belt i ever met! Both are good in vintage!

Finally get a Tee material scarf (the opps of raw type) with nice print on it. The text are combine frm the name of diff cities.

After the black tribly i got, this is the grey one that i been search for sum times... nice & chic frm H&M!

Chinos; an item after Denim. Still remember my first one its frm the brand - U2, in size 28, n thats more thn 10yrs ago. Hehe... Did try to find a 2nd/replacement but always disappointed after brought in some. Until i found this...
from UNIQLO. The material, cutting, colour, pockets placing...... Thumbs UP!!

Another bracelet, totally diff style compare above. The size (width) is wat i want, so.. sleek!

This is a simple cutting blazer, not the slim cut. Haha.. more to college style. Looks like wool if u didnt touch, but its a mix cotton. Smart!
been attracted by the details... the 5marts spirit?

n a Pin stripe shirt; nice cutting n come with a same pattern tie. Love it!

Lastly, search frm many.. shop/store. Its the Master 'Wong Fei Hong' suit for the cumin' CNY! hehe.. The material n colour combination make it trendy yet tradition n its reversible! Hey, the right one its for my mum, Dont mixup! haha...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Do Cheer Up~ 加油!!!

In current economic situation, no matter how u are affected, Do Cheer Up~ 加油!加油!加油!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DEC'08 recap part-03

Gangs, this is the last recap for DEC'08. Some of the places we have been. As a reference when u all cum to visit me...hehe
The '天坛大佛' - Buddha statue at '大屿山'. Worth a visit for buddhist. n I like this shot in grayscale.
Other than '大屿山', a '山' that u shouldn't miss; '山顶' - The Peak. n met Mr. Bruce, He is the man! Sorry, but I can't stop myself for doing this... n i wonder who da hell is the hair stylist?
statisfy with the intelligent mode...
For 2009 countdown, we decided to go here... n both of us also make a nice headdress, look...
just that, mine was 'bigger'...
i love Chip & Dale since i was a kid, n they do have a uniqle '5marts' spirit when they come together. n notice the baby in between, her parents must be a fans too. haha..
yes! i do...... love my camera.
U love Mickey; I love Donald.
Other than that, here are some nice shoot; a 'famost location' to enjoy a coffee. gege...
The Golden Bauhinia, a present frm China Gov.
and a place for meeting frens; LKF - '兰桂坊'
The 'dim-sum'; i couldn't find a word to describe how good it is... n forgive me dino, forget to bring u here the last time u visit. hehe...


Sunday, January 11, 2009

2009 1st blood mission - Sing For Fortune!!

Guys, due to fans demand on 2008 smarters Red Box gathering.
Our manager - Ramboo Ping, wants to organise 1 more 'encore' singing concert. so me as secretary have no choices but to follow our manager - Ramboo Ping orders.
so folks, the date will be 30th JAN 2009, 9 pm.
venue: Red Box Gurney
tools to bring: throat n empty stomach
register is MUST, no argue no challenge. b prepare for 喊破喉咙!Red Box 万岁!万岁!万万岁!
type by: scwa
approved by: Ramboo Ping (manager)

Friday, January 09, 2009

DEC'08 recap part-02

Guys, ya.. i knw its late... anyways Merry X'mas to All n Happy B'day to Smarter ktks!
The X'mas eve in Tsim Sha Tsu...
always love their x'mas paper cup design, n found a huge one here. Hope that my coffee consumtion for 2009 are not more than this 'CUP'. haha..
When to Macau on Boxing day, our 1st stop; THE VENETIAN, its a hotel, resort, shopping mall, consert venue, casino...... located in Taipa, Macau. Using the concept n design from Venice, Italy. This is the lobby, look at the sturcture...
n a place for some "serious $$" gege...
They even create the indoor street scene n waterway for the famost Gondola with the oarsman (fully gear up) haha...also meet somebody...the nxt stop; famost '猪排包' - pork chop bun n '葡塔' - portugese tart. 2 of the best food in Macau. Didnt have a nicee pic to show, anyways this is beside the shop. Smarters, wana steal tis huge Coke bottle if 10yrs bck?? i wonder...hehehe
following its the main street in Macau, looks at their heritage site/building... similar to those in Penang. Diff is they knw how to maintain n utilise...
Of course with the landmark of Macau; '大三巴' - St. Paul site. Looks familiar if some of u did watch TVB drama; '澳门街'. staring by Chi Lam.
This is the NEW LISBOA casino hotel, outlooks like a onion. haha.. Own by Stanley Ho, the richest guy here.
For dinner, its a must whn u r here, the crab porridge - '水蟹粥'Thats all for Macau, to b continue...?? haha..

Thursday, January 08, 2009

2 minutes from NICK VUJICIC

guys, 2009 is 1 weeks pass d. if facing obstacles durin this time, of coz we do face obstacles all the time, its jst that new year , new hope, new improvement rite. but i think the most important is wats our reaction when facin challenges.

so i think some of u did know this guy n some dont. anyway, it motivated me after watching this 2 minutes clip. so watch it with ur heart...n we will learn something from 2 minutes.

post up ur feelin n learnin after watch it, share opinion ya..

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Begin. Grow. Flow

Guys, the new challenge of year 2009 is begin and wish that everyone of you can grow with new experience and flow with it on year 2009. Other then this, dont forget to use the planner :P Khoon Lim, thanks for inspiring me on using the planner.

Brando, when do you think you going to get this cool stuff from me??? Chinese New Year??

Other than 'Ang Pao', something for U in this CNY'09!

Gangs, this is a soft toy frm McD HK x SoftHard, to celebrate CNY'09.

Anyone of u wana make ur order here? i can bring some back for the coming CNY holiday.

Monday, January 05, 2009

nitemare b4 xmas!hahah......

guys, this was x mas eve of 3 pairs smarters gathering after few years.. i think the last time smarters reunion on xmas was 'n' years back. this time was great, movies, b day, n pressie xchange.....photos show.....there u go...went to watch "IP MAN", after watched, feeled like wanna learn kung fu........see, our ramboo PIN sooOOOoo cute!! this is photo effect photo only by Scwa.

well, Tai Loh (大佬) wanna teach us how to handle a Cigar stylish-ly, but end up..........well maybe the cigar was not tua ki (BIG) enough.heheh..ok next!
oOOoh~!!our kenny BIRD day!!"...happy BIRD day to u..Happy BIRD day to u..."
well, next was our memorable momment......PrEsSiE ExChAngE~!!!!so our budget was not more than rm15, here comes the show...

well i like my present the most~!it surprised me that kenny made this...hehhe...well very "wu sim"( got heart) lah
for the ladies....very good ... useable....worth....pressie. but the most excited is coming......ladies n gentlemen....

beside felt happy for Pin, i hav nothin to say, finally...(除了替ah PING开心,我没话好讲了..) "KIV, now he can GOAL liao!!"well, these r some of the photos folks! very happy n enjoy for that momment, i m thinkin we can do pressie xchange on Chinese New Year too...hehhe...next x mas will comes very fast, guys work hard n play even harder ya!! keep it up always!!enjoy life n enjoy workKKkKk!!

anyway, from single to PAIRS!ha! good day good year for us! smarters 万岁!万岁!万万岁!

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