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10 June 2009

Didn't know Mrs Su's birthday was on June as well. Anyway since I am in the mood today, I will post up some recent photos of Chin Ding's birthday.

As a good boyfriend, I sneak out from work to buy a cake for her.


Luckily I gave her 'lam nua' and 'tidak apa' face, she didn't expect I have a cake in the fridge. At 12am, I got Chun Siong (temporary 6mart for me here in Sydney) to come over and surprised her with the cake.





Wish Kenny will treat me better~!!!


Don't disturb me, I want to eat cake~!


Anyway, since her B'day was on a weekday, I organised a birthday party for her on Friday night. In Australia it is safe to invite a lot of people for your birthday as unlike Malaysia, you do not need to treat your friends and then get presents some more. Here are some of the photos.

Table 1


Table 2


Kenny Tan in Pic


KCD Ki Siao


Raw Beef with Raw Egg (Ph-7 better convert as this beef dish is VERY good man)


More Beef for Sabu Sabu and Sukiyaki


Some Egg and potato dish


Now to collect MONEY~!!!


So that was my friends who celebrated Chin Ding's birthday. Later the next week, it's her friend's turn. Chin Ding has 2 friends who studied together with her last time in Perth who is now working/studying in Sydney. One is doing Marketing and the other is a MALE NURSE~!!


Haha...not like the above. He is like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

KCD's Friends

IMG_1928 The one on the left is the make nurse. He is from Arab and bloody rich. Furthermore the country give him free money to come to Australia to study/work. Both of them are the same guys are rented a Limo and Hummer for each of their birthday last time (exactly like the photo below)


Cake (I think mine's better, I paid RM120 ok)


Time to drink~!



Anyway, that night Chin Ding got drunk at around 10pm. Totally forgotten everything. Hehe. We finished almost 2 bottles of hard liquor.

Alright people, sorry to bore you all with photos. Just a little update on what I have been doing. Might post Chun Siong's birthday as well. My friend Gretna was drunk and been posing a lot of sexy photos during the dinner. Till then~!

You can SPEND the rest of your life...


Guys, check out how much is our Australia's 'Magnum' 4D for next week. $90,000,000 man. Like the slogan said, you can Spend the rest of your life (full stop).


I tried last week when it was $50m but no one in Australia won the jackpot. http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,25685748-661,00.html

I played auto pick the last time and didn't choose my own number. But this time, I want 5marts to play a part. Can you guys each pick SEVEN numbers from 1 - 45 (including your wife/gf or the girl with Brendon tonight when he is reading this). It is $1.20 a game but I might go for the 24 package which is AUD$25.30.

Let the power of 5marts come alive and we can finally start our own business. Actually, $90m which is RM230m can feed 5 generations huh?

Get back to me by Sunday ok? Thanks~!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Meaningful G-MISSION

Sorry for the delay, a mission we have accomplished! G-SHOCK MILITARY INSPIRED SERIES. Goggle it or check it from here.

After a lots of research and a little bit of struggle... ;-)
This is BEAUTIFUL, you knew what I mean.  

A family of 5; 5600, 6900 and MUDMAN that have been adopted.
RISEMAN and FROGMAN are still waiting for other 2 Smarter... 

Smarter KTKS and Smarter b, they couldn't wait for too long!
Grabit! Grabit!! Grabit!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My last Saturday dinner menu try out

After the cook book reading, below are the testing outcome. First dishes is very damm.good. But the second dishes i screw it up as the spaghetti was not cook well :P I hope that I did not kill my wife stomach hahaha.

First dishes 黄金收割


Second dishes 冷面杀手


The ingredients


Is VERY HOT. Why no try this.





A lazy afternoon.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

To Parents,

One of the best interpretation I saw it in newspaper lately. It's good to share it during these 2 months. :-)

Bring in one of my favourites from Alicia Keys. A song for all the mothers, that suppose to appear on Mothers Day. Just found the proper way to fit in the video here! hehe...Thxx to Smarter ITmP! ;-D

With Love,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hidden Treasure: DOUBT

Recently, a revisit to a bundle shop (2nd hand/used) - "DOUBT". So many years back from last visit... Most of the displays, interior and sounds are still the same, in a slow and laid-back feeling. :-)

Their items are still in quantity, to be filter as usual. hehe.. Lets start the game.....
JFA home jersey 99-00 (MIJ - Made In Japan version)
JFA home jersey 01-02 (MIJ)
JFA home jersey 03-04 (MIJ)
White Rider Jkt!? Same details and cutting, apply in Cotton!!
Finally got this; a GLAY tour tee in 2006.
from Modern Amusement.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Chef Ping's 咖哩饭局

last week, we were having a curry dating at Smarter Ping's home. An excited gathering dinner, following are 'Chef Ping' effort...

Looks GOOD!
taste even BETTER!!! 
The Chef & Food Tasters.
Sharing his inspiration and recipe...
A Chef and also a kitchen steward; round of applause!!! :-D
not forget the 'Durian Slaughter'! hehe..
The dessert we have...
and some good times!
next round: 肉骨茶 - 'BAKUTEH' ?? :-P

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