Friday, December 31, 2010


This is my last post for 2010. So other than wishing/greeting, I make something more meaningful for our mart in 2010, before move into 2011. And it must be here before tomorrow. For all busy Smarters, maybe you already forget or missed the moment. The ideas are messing with my mind for some time. So i have spent some nights in front of Photoshop n Illustrator, and luckily make it before the end of 2010. Not intended to make it in duo ver. but since its the 2nd Anniversary, it sounds ok to me.


Happy 2nd Anniversary to 5marts!
Happy New Year to You.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

My lucky bebe: Is boy? or is a girl?

So far most of the people that meet my wife and even the doctor also said that my lucky bebe will be a baby boy. A lot of people also asking me whether I like boy or girl. For me, I love both whether is boy or girl.

Tomorrow will be a 4th ultra sound scanning. My wife and I are very exciting as we might know whether is boy or girl. Hahaha.however, it still need to depend whether my lucky bebe want to let us know or not by showing the private part hahaha.Are you interesting to guess it?

First ultra sound photo capture


Second ultra sound photo capture


Third ultra sound photo capture


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nike Blazer Hi Suede VNTG

Before making this post, it has been discuss previously. A post back in 2008 by Smarter b during the starting days of 5marts. Already 2 years gone... but a good design never fade in time, n please don't mind to wait for it! hmm.. ok, follow with some background story...

The Nike Blazer was first created in 1973 and worn by Geoff Petrie and the "Ice Man", George Gervin. The sneaker, named after the Portland Trailblazers, was Nike's first basketball shoe. This was a fitting name, as the shoe was designed more compact and appealing than its counterparts. The Nike Blazer offered basketball players improvement in their performance, with features such as outsoles that allowed for greater traction and more support. Blazers come in low-top and high-top models and are produced in canvas, leather and suede. (read from Google)

After the bla... NIKE SPORTSWEAR is bringing it back today, and you will see more of it in the coming 2011. Before that, some of you know im not that kinda Suede lover or maybe a hater. But this really turn me into Suede. And I can't remember how long i didn't felt my interest in Nike's sneakers, and Blazer again do bring my passion back! So, let the show begin~!


There are total 12 colour ways here, so you won't have chance to blame, and I can feel the colour way of every one of us. ehehee.. For me, im more to Orange at first, but after the story, lead me to Red, the origin taste of Portland Trailblazers. What's yours?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Birthday!

Last but not least, and this is specially dedicated to our Smartest Christmas boy - Smarter KTKS! hahaa... Finally 5 of us are in the 5marts 30's club, n our best is yet to come!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


 I just found and brought Yoga Lin's 2nd album, glad Im not too late, then it lead me to this short film...

Do you afraid of needle?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

HEX Watch Band for iPod Nano

I know u guys won't easily satisfy with the gifts posts. So, here are more ideas... gegee.. Since there are so or too many choices of accessories for your lovely gadget these days. Among all, I found this, kinda love at first sight. The best selling point; it makes me want a ipod nano so bad!!

Suit anyone or everyone, and if your boy or girl a ipod nano 6th user, then you can wrap the present now. Get yours here...

Friday, December 17, 2010


Continue with the gift session? Or I just need some serious retail therapy to kill some pressure! ahahaa.. and I found it, try it, like it but haven't grab it! Some length issue.. Anyways, worth to share here, since year end sales are around. ;-P

Searching a hard washed denim for some time (old one already a size down or more, not a good sign!?), so purposely pick these two. Or maybe their skinny jeans cutting are really nice to me, i mean not that extremely tight. Almost a tailor made for me. lol~ So left or right? I hope you can see the different. hehe..

Just in case you need the code, and this one got a 30% discount! Hoorray~!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Special 30s Smarter!

Well, for 5marts friendship these years, only us know what it means to out special Smarter b! hehee.. so a picture tells a thousands words. And b, wish you; Happy Birthday n "think what got what" la~!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010 - Day 2....

well continue they next day, this is exactly the view of our Hotel we stayed - table bay Hotel
on the way to our 1st destination.... awesome~!

something excited to us.whale watching by cruise....
this were the port b4 we depart...
awesome~! after waiting for last grab the shot~! n u know wat, halp of the passenger vomited on the cruise~suuxXx...

nothing special, just like the Trench Coat i bought~ :P
the next destination Fishoek valeel, we hav our lunch here...and its oso one of the best view point of whale in Africa~
check tis out, got a nice shot for my God-Mama~!
the place is more like flea market n never forgot africa uvuvuvuvuvuzellaalal~!
during our dinner, company arranged an african face painting for us~!
blue vs. red~! my company high exec..datuk n Hong Leong CEO..well well..official photos ya~!
to b continue.........

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Balance 150

Time flies, December is here again. A month for celebrations, gift, presents...etc. If you still out of ideas, stay calm, let 5marts help you out. Here we can share stuffs we love, desired, or things in the wish list. Its kinda topic for the month. hehehee...

What!? New Balance again? Yess, its my sneaker label of the year. ahahaa... Never been so mad of NB before (ps; converse n adi are still my love ones). As getting 'old', you might avoid those fancy stuff and shifting to comfort classic. Ok, maybe its only me. Anyways, check this out; NB150. Just try it on last few weeks. Its great to see them here, I means in Malaysia. (click to enlarge)

Of course my favourite goes to GREY. Actually three of them are pretty and handsome together! But before i lost my mind in 'Selection Phobia' to NB models, i better stick to the classic greydy! Again, the 3M reflector is one of the spark to me.

And when you got this, does makes you wana spend... 'Theory of WORTH'?? haha.. If any of you wana make me a 'Surprise', my size is US9. I really don't mind to have a 2nd Grey tone NB after my workout NB574. Voucher expired at this month end. LOL~

Saturday, December 04, 2010

To Spanish (Girls) Fans,

Guess you all already saw the result of World Cup host nations 2018 and 2022. Going to the Siberia? Not that passionate compare with Iberian Peninsula to me. ahaha... But still a well choice for FIFA. Since 2014 will be in Brazil, moving to Russia in 2018 are good enough on a culture difference experience.

In fact my passion on Spain are never less. Take a look on their latest home kit, kinda up level on their national status. And the presentation, think we won't see it on tv here. If you wonder why they didn't pick Torres, Casillas, Ramos, Pique...etc. Come on , this is a adidas stuff. And yet Villa still does it so well, girls agree? hehee.. check it!

The Making of, you guys might be more interested on...

The details. And if its your cup of tea, get it from the shop near you. Already start selling. I just experienced it last few days on the shop. Still a NOPE to me.

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