Monday, December 22, 2008

Chung Ling's student is a Good Person

Can't belive it's been 10 years since we last wore our school uniform. Imagine during school we have to wake up at 6am just to catch the school bus. I don't think I can ever to that again.
But during the years, Chung Ling had thought us a lot of things. We have learn how to master the technique of 'tau koh' using teamwork and speed, we learn how to eat 'chooi nui' to get more 'energy' for more 'bullet', we have also learn that it is easier to use white chalk to clean our white school shoe.

But most importantly, Chun Ling plays a big part to our friendship. This is where we found each other through each other. Where we discovered interest among each other like drawing, cycling, playing Magic cards, comics and etc.

This is where friendships are found
and enemies are made

And memories that will last forever

But without it, there will be no 5marts. Hopefully there will be a 20 anniversary and we can all go. Till then, here are some of the photos I have taken during the night. Enjoy guys~!!!!!

Group Photo

Mr Le Mah Chee Bai (Ray Mah Chee Wai)

One leg up

Malaysian Idol Contestant

Forgot his name but he has 2 babies already

The MC Ping being Gay and Cute

Peace and F#$% off

Ah Ciao and Am Teh
Father Pumba (one kid already)Mr Jack Ooi
I Love Chung Ling~!


[ScwA] said...

wow~! good job kenny!
well there was lots of memories from chung ling.
jst imagine 15 years anniversary, we all might take photos with wives, maybe even kids~! HAH!
anyway, chung ling 万岁!
5marts 万万岁!

am-ho said...

Chung Ling's student is a Good Person?? ehemm..

btw, nice painting 5marts

kiv said... many old faces! n the CLHS hall r looking so nice now. haha.. after looking on all the photos here, like back to the day we its been 10 years d!? keep the spirit of 5marts! there r even more....10 years to cum!!

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