Friday, May 15, 2009

Unforgettable Journey!

The recent hiking trip; location: 西贡 - SAI KUNG.
12:00 - the 'journey' started in a little rain.
hmm... where are we heading?
First spot! Ocean? Lake?? No.. Its a Dam, a huge one.
This is what Ringo told me; the "Walking Condom" :-P
try my best, hold my breath...... to take this shot!
love the font n layout. 
following with some random shots along the dam (In rainy mode) :-)

Look at these pics below... nice spot for making MV/movies!?

14:00 - When i thought we have complete the trip. They tell me; the 1st half - jogging session ends here, take a rest, following the 2nd half - hiking session. My GOD.........
Ok, the 'journey' continue to hills...
Wow~ these recall me the movie - THE BEACH.
It gimme the strength to continue...
Then almost the whole hiking session in muddy ground due to unstopping rain. Truly tough, till i couldn't have time to handle the camera.
Luckily, we no need to call a helicopter for rescue! ;-)
18:00 - Full time, the journey ends here! From left: ME, Shamus, Ringo, Sandy, Mimi and Lillian. Well done n we survived!! (without any foods in the whole journey) hahaa.. 
19:30 - after starving for more than 7 hours, we have our most delicious n unforgettable McD. the nite. :-O..
Bonus shot; looks like constructors came out from building site!
Outdoor act, more to come... ;-)

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