Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Last chapter : The running journey begin

After the Penang Bridge Half Marathon 2011, I just manage to pull out some time to write this post as my last chapter. 

Yes, three of us had make it within the qualify time and get our very first precious finisher medal. It means a lot to us and the happiness is unspeakable. 

Is a persistent that made up of us come until this stage. Of course, there were some time that I think about give to give up during the mid training, but I know that if I were to give up, I will be regret for my whole life when I think about it. 

"Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever." by Lance Armstrong

Above the quote was in mine mind whenever I'm thinking to skip for my training schedule or to stop running in the middle of my long distance run. 

Lastly, below is the name list of my thousand thanks for your support and encouragement.

Sandy (Wife)
Andrew (my coach)
Kiv ( running mates & motivators)
Scwa ( running mates & motivators)

Photo of three of us after getting the medal. The NIKE victory jersey, our running theme attire, thanks for Kiv and Scwa for getting me this very good looking jersey. 

Scwa so happy to get the medal

Friends that was joining this events

My lucky running bracelet, hand made by my wife. Love it so much, will be part of my accessories for my every race events :)

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