Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bell & Ross BR01 RED RADAR

Don't you think watches are no more a necessary item when time is appearing on almost every digital device around us. Moving it more into accessories or luxury items like a jewellery now. With today's highly intricate and precise technology which makes it more interesting and challenging on watches design.

Found it recently, Bell & Ross BR01 Red Radar; a limited edition of total 999 pieces that released last year. Using their XL diameter 46mm, consider a very huge one. Sizes are a little too big to me. Well it still the concept and design that making this post. I love the 3 rotated discs designed hands for hour, minutes and seconds. How they put all elements together to form a radar designed. And the outcome is still that basic, simple in B&R tradition. By the way, found a slightly similarity or consider a reversed version of my favourite Issey Miyake.

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