Sunday, February 08, 2009

gong xi fa cai & sawadeekapppppppp!!

Guys~! chinese new year almost end, well this CNY same as usual visit-ing, ang pow-ing, makan-ing, rest-ing n gather-ing. but this year some different is we went for a short trip~!
mana pergi??----> Hat Yai~!!!sawadekapppp~!!
well, we went there (me , linda, kiv & crystal)
here r some photos i wanna share with u guys ...enjoy !

we stop at gas station nearby Perlis, n the whole journey from penang to Thailand's border is about 250km but we took 3 hours~!drive safe mah..but when we arrve to chop passport, took us 1 hr, jia lat!we stop at one of the temples on the way to Hatyai, but nice photos took by our KIV~!! nice photos ya, KIV lagi "present" 2 pair of "black grass hair"....swee!

here we are~!central of Hatyai~! we were stayin Regency Hotel, is a nice place coz in the middle of the town , lagi convenience~! the whole street was full of hawker stall, fashion goods stall n shops~! very crowded! next time we all can stay there too.

the most impressed restaurant was this one-Sawei~!!good man!~! we makan 8 - 9 dishes pork neck, tom yam seafood, shishamo , otak, ulam siam etc only rm80+~!! must go nxt time~!!

to be continue......kiv ur turn arr~!

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kiv said...

Kup..Kup.. nicee one! will hv part2 excitement if got time today...

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