Thursday, February 19, 2009

meeting SUITMAN!

Young Kim aka SUITMAN. Found this event frm his blog. Decided to attend since im here, and able to meet him personally for the first time... kinda respect on his ideas, determination and outcomes of so many years. Smarters, he is one of a good example for us! More on interview...

Before heading to the event, cum out a special greeting card for SUITMAN. Due to running out of time, decided to draw it out directly, and it can be a CD jacket.

Step 01. Pencil sketch
Step 02. Inked
Step 03. Colour n final touch-up
Step 04. Greeting n some hardsell! hehe...
Step 05. Trim n fold.
Step 06. Ready to GO!!!

The nite, found the place, its not in the main road (Thxx to Google map). They have picked a nice n cosy environment just infront of MADHOUSE. Sheung Wan to Central, always love this area!

A picture is worth a thousand words. (ahyaa.. forgot to wear the spec!)

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