Thursday, August 06, 2009

new shortfilm trailer test , do comment guys thanks

Trailer Test from brandon loh on Vimeo.


kiv said...

b, love it! haha.. espcially the BGM! Sound like 'Mandolin', but im not sure on the name. Jay Chou did play in his 七里香 MV. Also in previous NOKIA N82 commercial.

What i mean is come frm similar instrument... sumthg like Turkish..or a little Indian sounds..Did go n search before those Turkish theme soundtrack. Argh...just love tat kinda sounds!

btw, how come like incomplete.. suddenly ends!? Purposely without fade out?

kiv said...

hey, Jeffery got potential leh! Sum good act! And also the editing! Simple n nicee!

Burn the soundtrack to CD for me ok?? hehe..THXX!!

b said...

music is by gustavo Santaolalla
that track is Deportation (from Babel movie soundtrack). I'm big fan of that composer , should check him out.

well ,the shortfilm is incomplete..need more money to shoot more scene now i'll only show this 1..

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