Wednesday, August 26, 2009

KL in action! Pt.2

We have J.CO's donuts before the party.
On the way to MOVING ON!
Some limited goodies at entrance, this is more like it for a real concert.
Honestly, my first time to Sunway Lagoon. Not bad, just that they have clear the pool for the concert. Notice that our attire are suited up for the venue/concert. ;-)
Big shout for EASON~~~
Will let the picture show the story. Forget the videos, because Im lazy to compress. :-P

When he is so glad to introduce, thanks and big hug on each dancers. (espcially girls) hehe..
Sorry for the shaky photo, cause we are MOVING ON!!! (the whole night) :-D hahaha...
SUPA Awesome MOVING ON 'Final' Stage 26 for EASON to complete his tour for almost 2 years!!
Our supper, and we are totally exhausted! Just like after a football match.
We have Klang's 'BAKUTEH' for brunch, the darker left one is Pork Leg! :-P... taste so gooood! Big thanks to Linda's cousin for bringing us there!
IKEA revisit or last shot before heading back. The foods and coffee are nice or the environment? hmm..
Adious KL~
Stop by at IPOH for the well known 'Bean Sprouts Chicken'. Their bean sprouts are greater than chicken to me.
The roundup; the limited goodies or freebies!? hehe..
The report; what he said before he sang 'Heal the World' from MJ.

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kiv said...

forgot to mention, the concert are all standing. Thats why crowd and fans are so HIGH that night!

A great 'concert' should be like this, especially from Eason Chan!

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