Saturday, January 02, 2010

adidas x STARWARS

Before the DEC'09 recap, check this out... what a collaboration, like it or not?
Not my cup of tea, but its a 'WOW' to me.
and some of the nice items...


houhin said...

Very suprise of this crossover colaboration, I like the yoda and storm trooper version. But I still did not seeing any of this shoes in the shop yet :(

cupcake said...

Hola Amigo,

Although I am busy, but I will never forget to visit smart S

like your photos, see u on CNY :)

take care, adious!!

Sier Yar

kiv said...

HOLA~ Sier Yar, glad for ur revisit! Didnt meet u all during xmas... :-( guess u also busy on attending wedding n gathering. Hope to see u too in cumin CNY! Safe trip!

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