Friday, January 01, 2010

Great, a new year has come - 2010

Every time when reaching the end of the year, i have two feeling. Pressure and exciting.

Pressure in the sense that, what I had being achieve and done for the whole year. Doing great? Doing bad? or I just dreaming and doing nothing for the whole year.

Exciting in the sense that, whatever I had no done or doing bad, I can reset it and take a new start for the new coming year. And of course the bonus and yearly review that I'm waiting for to achieve some of my long waiting wish list hehehee..

There are two items that I'm going to share here and hoping that it will give you guys some great kick start for the new coming year.

Item number 1 - The Pomodoro technique

Is all about the methods to help and guide you to get your things done. I had practice it for a weeks and I feel great. To know more about this great technique, just go to this website 


Item number 2 - Keel's Simple Diary

Is a very interesting idea Diary. The believe that:

1. Not every day is a very eventful

2. It actually takes a lot of discipline to write

3. In retrospect, many find what they have written embarrassing

Hence, their objective to come out this Diary:

1. Entertain the mind

2. Help you focus

3. Keep you company

I like their idea very much but this diary is not cheap. Hence I will create my own version of Ping's simple diary with below guide:






I will share the templates soon. However, you may go to this website to take a look. I' m damm.sure you will love it.


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kiv said...

Ping, we can only get the Keel's notebook online?

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