Monday, February 15, 2010

futher more of Guilin-China ( part 2)

notice the bridge at our back, its made of glass, so the name is called 'glass bridge~!'

check this out..wooOOoww 'its 5 start toilet, the good news is i couldnt find the toilet~!ha!
the is my fauvorite food in this trip~!!woooow..its 'Hui Guo Rou' (fatty Pork in chillin stir fry)~!!
this place is called "Tie Chai Shan", its a mountain in the middle of Guilin an accident funny shoot of my fren~!this is our dinner place , kiv check this out, bought a trench coat there~!

while on the way back, i found this in the airport...Guys , click n enlarge to check this out..hehehhe..hope u like it, Pin~!!

1 comment:

kiv said...

hohoo...sorry to be late. Hey, not bad with so many sweeties to travel along...hehehee..

You should bring it (item in last photo) back! Or you keep it urself!?? hmm..

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