Thursday, June 10, 2010

24 hours to go....

I just started my new path at the middle of the year. Busy is better than dizzy. Ok beside that, this must be hot n cool to make the first entry of JUNE 2010!

Most of all must be talking.. analyzing... sharing.... betting..... now. The FIFA World Cup 2010, an activity of world starting from tomorrow! Without any different with others, here are some of the exciting parts to me. My favourite top 4, very personal, more on eye candy I guess. kekee...

Bit sad and disappointed without the last act of Mr. Beckham, luckily they still have Rooney together with their smart national kits/jersey! Oh, their coach is the major advantage too.

Inventor of 'Total Football', never less of attacking talents. Below are my best 5, especially no.23. The bad thing is; other than no.10, most of them are really 'fragile' (easily injure). Beside that, the jersey they are wearing in this picture (2008) is the best for modern dutch.

They are full of star players, but its all about Maradona and Messi. Can the double 'M' spell the Magic?

Top 1: SPAIN
My all time favourite! The final 23 selected maybe the best in their history. Thats why it worth for a group photo here. But their latest national kits are really not my cup of tea!

Probably those hottest or top contender always won't stand to the last. If Spain unluckily couldn't crowned, never mind, they are still my Champion. And I already had a backup plan for them, they still can get the trophy from me! LOL~

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