Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A sick Rooster that runout of medicine 'ZZ'

Those who didn't know the chaos in France football team lately, read this...

Do really miss the team at Zinedine Zidane age. When will a new no.10 leads France?
(How long did Argentina wait until they found Messi from the retired of Maradona)

His unforgettable 'classic' last act on World Cup 2006. hehee.. No matter what, he is still my best favourite player of all time!

Think he is MIA for these few years? Hmm.. Look what he is doing lately. An adidas ambassador, the footwear consultant, a Real Madrid C.F advisor...etc. And this is one of the most interesting to me, his collaboration with Y-3.

the interactive between YY and ZZ on Y-3 SS/10 runways...

For those Sport Fashion supporter, Yohji lover or a Zizou fans like me, the Y-3 SS/10 collection are almost perfect i can said. For those who are not, checkout their web presentation from the link, its nicely done too!

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