Monday, August 30, 2010

Sounds Beautiful

Have been interested on finding a good headphone these few years. Here are my favourites. Again more on eye candy than sounds quality? Don't misunderstand, i guess my eyes are more sensitive or sharper than ears. hehee...

SONY MDR-XB500, almost perfect, if you can handle the size. So i prefer the medium one.

beats by dr. dre, one of the hottest choice these days, selected by many artiste.

Thulhu Caine, leather from Italy, handmade in Japan. And the deer leather belt with loop holder completed a stylish package, which other brands missing.

audio-technica ATH-WM55, exchangeable housing cap and wind-up cord are super slick n smart although it looks bit fragile on the cord. hmm..

AIAIAI tma-1, the whole thing looks stunning to me! Materials, and also the matte black. Another great design from the company.

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