Thursday, September 02, 2010


Spending some time to organize recent photos. These are worth to share here... Surprisingly found them during 永利街 Sunday Plan. Just a few steps behind the location, also in a quiet and cozy environment. FUNGUS WORKSHOP is a handmade leather goods workshop form by 2 lovely couples or labels; which are 'hoiming' by Hoiming Fung & Baldwin Pui; and 'cowrice' by Philip Lau & Grace Kwok.

They did provide workshop courses, one of the student doing her 'homework'. Thought she is the boss at first. hehe..

Inside the workshop, 'hoiming' corner. Baldwin in grey tee. 

then 'cowrice' corner.

More students inside, great learning and working space.

Here are Grace and Philip; a daughter's parents, super nice couple, good times and great sharing from them.

I would take a course to make a leather tote, if i stay in Hong Kong for more than a while. Just love what they do and share here. Take some time and lots of efforts, seems like a big contrast to the pace of this city. Interesting to me.

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Anonymous said...

like ^.^
envy u can go hk so often

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