Friday, November 26, 2010


Heavy rotation song lately. 三年二班, a hidden gem in his 4th studio album; 叶惠美. I means its not those hits song in Jay's song list, unless you are his hardcore fans. This album is maybe my most favourite of Jay Chou (others are 范特西 and 七里香). All are early days albums, no need further explain i guess?

To me, the music, creativity, image and styling from 叶惠美 are all his top notch. I love 晴天 and 以父之名 when the album come out during 2003, honestly i didn't buy the album that time, so i only heard/know some 'hits songs'. Until today, they are still my favourites, and luckily i found the album and this track;  三年二班. Guys, just love it if you know what the song really means, or else just enjoy the creativity of the composer.

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