Sunday, November 28, 2010

South Africa Trip- Capetown (Day 1)

guys, sorry for late "contact"... well, just went to a great trip on Oct 2010 with my company... guess wat? its full of surprise to where were i goin? its South Africa~!well, we transit @ bangkok while on the way to Africa..its not my 1st time to bangkok, but definately my 1st time to Chatuchak~! i just lov this place...its full of "treasure" to me~!
well b4 shop, must fill up out tummy with great thai food~cheap & deliciousssss

it divided to areas in Chatuchak, more that 20 areas if i m not mistaken...its a very big 1 of my favourite area is this street...dunno wat it call, just like it so much...

ice tube!

pets & lots of petssss....
ready to fly...
view from our flight...remarkable-Table Mountain~!
well football fever every lasting~!
at last~! after 15 hrs flight~! reached destination with fesh air~!
1st station to the beach to get a great view of Table Moutain. my god mother was soOOo cool~like it!
a warm welcome from the cape townist with their african music....well its cool..

so where is this place?hmm...wats africa to u? for me of coz animals, animals & lots of animals..tats rite~its Ostrich farm~!
guess wat? one of the largest eggs is Ostrich follow by emu..
check out wat we r standing~! wat an Unbreakable egg~!
refugeess area taken from my bus while on the way to Hotel~exactly like wat we see from movies...
to b continuesss.....

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kiv said...

WoW~!! FINALLY!!! Smarter Scwa's post r always like neat juices... all in!!! ahahaa... last photo like District 9!? n lovee the colours from G10!

Anyways, good one n cool trip!! but didnt bring ZAKUMI back for us, hatesss u!!

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