Thursday, September 15, 2011

The journey of my 1st half marathon

Chapter 1: Is it too late?

I'm not sure since when i start to have interesting on running, maybe during the time i bought a book that talked about running last year? Or maybe something else which i cant be sure(but i did not read it immediately after i bought it. I only read it after i begin my half marathon training).

All the while running for me is very tough and meaningless compare to other sports like football. Is very impossible for me to enjoy running. Furthermore a weight like me 95KG going for running is like looking for a trouble for myself. Might as well go for swimming.

The day that i decided for running is very simply drama. Like usual, every morning, i will have my breakfast together with my colleague in our office canteen. 1 of my colleague ( Pro long distance runner) told us that 2011 PENANG BRIDGE MARATHON is open for registration and the others start to share about their experience on last year PENANG BRIDGE MARATHON.

All was very exciting and laughing until i post a question to the "Pro Runner", "would it be too late for me to start training for half marathon?". Everyone was shock in their face and look at me. The "Pro Runner" was very happy and encouraging me "ofcourse not. You still have plenty of time. I will send you the schedule".

And this is my journey begin...

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kiv said...

and here we have our running guru! Truly our inspiration..

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