Friday, April 13, 2012

CONVERSE Jack Purcell

Thought to title this as an essential post at first. But seems like things or item show up here are all the essential of my daily life. Hmm.. Well just forget about the format and this is actually the 2nd time writing about him, a great classic smiley sneaker for all; Converse Jack Purcell(photo taken from my College's Photography Project)

Remember when you got your first pair? Mine was during my 18 if not mistaken. Got it with the salary of my first school holiday job. Hehee.. Such an old time story. As recall, I picked a Red canvas version (in above photo) and it was truly not a comfort choice to my feet. It is so stiff and my toes get scratched and pain after wearing one day. But still a staple choice in my college life and that’s the love and hate experience!

Since Nike takeover Converse in July 2003 for $305 million, most of us didn't notice that time or feel any changes of appearance or the whole label. But huge improvement is playing inside. One of the best examples is on Jack Purcell. You know it if you have worn the past and present version of this shoes. Become the most comfortable classic model from Converse to me while retains all his original characters in the meantime.

And I just got the full leather version (centre, 2012) lately. A lovely gift from my brother in law. Thanks again! Make it the 3rd pair of Jack Purcell in rack. All in classic White setting and simply cheer me up when queuing them like this. The canvas version (left, 2008) to me is; “Get this if it is your first and only JP!” the most original taste of it. The retro remodel version (right, 2011) is actually an exchanged pressie from Smarter b. Laws of attraction, you guys know the story. LOL~ Love all!

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