Wednesday, November 05, 2008

facts of getting old?

An OCT'08 pickup! It's currently the best Converse Jack Purcell canvas that I had ever seen. Check the details, each and every parts are so well designed and constructed. Good looking 7 holes (previous canvas version comes in wider 6 holes); insole cushion; embossing heel logo; the add-on invisible cutting lines on bottom outsole is truly amazing! Each improving parts didn't crash the 'classic' character of JP. It's my admiration for kicks these recent years, maybe it's also the facts of getting old. Ahaha... Anyway a big credit to Converse!


[ScwA] said...

wahhH~!!so this is the new JP with upgrade modify one, izzit??
u boughtit??? how mch??

kiv said...

Not the remodel version which Dino brought. It's still the classic JP canvas, jz making some improvements on details part. After comparing w the JP in our country, decided to buy it here. And found a stock clearance shop, so get it in HKD239. Usually selling HKD299 (canvas); HKD419 (leather).

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