Saturday, September 29, 2012

Penny Loafers

Recently found this classic item, called it; Penny Loafers. With an unbeatable sale price, grab it within a heartbeat! First thing to do before I wear it out, find and placed a pair of 1 cent from our country to blend in a little personal identity to this classic comfort slip on. Hmm..

Let me share the story of this shoes for those who is still curious on my 1 cent.

The G.H. Bass shoe company was founded in 1876 by George Henry Bass. In 1910 he introduced the Camp Mocc, an elegant, comfortable moccasin that was an alternative to the hard dress shoe. Then, in 1936, came the Penny Loafer, another classic addition to footwear. Weejuns, The name of this leather slip-on was derived from the word “ Norwegian”, the ethnicity of its founder. It had a strap across the top of the shoe for style purposes, as a loafer is traditionally defined by having no buckles or laces. This strap had a split design that was supposed to look like a pair of lips. This opening in the strap was soon used as a way to add a decorative touch to the usually simple loafer and small objects, such as pennies, were often placed there. A stylistic embellishment that had once been peculiar to Bass’s shoes became synonymous with an entire fashion.

You could carry a penny for good luck, and it started when pay-phones were still ubiquitous and hadn't yet been raised to a quarter, the penny loafer was often the source of funds for an emergency phone call home, especially for school-age children or teens on dates. (More from Zappos)

Before I found the whole story above, he is still my first and biggest inspiration on this classic Penny Loafers.

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