Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mardi Gras 2009

Hi folks~!

I am sure you guys quite piss off with my lack of contribution. The reason is that I am not use to bringing my camera out in Sydney. Anyway, I did this time during the Mardi Gras Event.

Let me give you a brief explanation on what Mardi Gras is first.

According to WIKIPEDIA, it is suppose to be a culmination of Carnivals before Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is the day when Catholics have to stop eating meat and give up any number of sinful activities they deem achievable or appropriate. Something like our Malay Puasa. It's always around 40 days before Easter.

Anyway, different country celebrate it differently. The most popular celebration of Mardi Gras should be the American one where girls will flash their breast in exchange of Beads. I was hardworking enough to Google some photos to show you.



Girls Reaching for the beadsGirls reaching for the beads

Beads + Girls equals to..


(Ping, email me if you want the uncensored photo)

If you want to "experience" more on that event, just go download 'Girls Gone Wild'. It's based on the Mardi Gras festival in America. Not that I have seen it before of course. I think Ping told me about it one. Hehe.


So you guys must be thinking I am lucky to attend Mardi Gras in Sydney right? Well, over here you get to see a lot of Breast as well. Like the photo below.


But then.....








They are breasts of guyssssssssssssss~!!

Picture 113

Yes my friends, in Sydney Mardi Gras is actually a Gay and Lesbian festival. The sad thing is that there is more Gays than Lesbians. Examples as below:-

Picture 084 Picture 097Picture 080 Picture 109 Picture 112

The event is held once a year and is encouraged by the Government. During the event, the main road in the City is closed for a few hours. The event actually only last 1hr where the gays and lesbian will perform on the streets.

People queuing up as early as 5pmPicture 053

Centre of the City where the parade walk through

Picture 068

I went there with Chin Ding and a friend of mine called Elaine. We were suppose to meet Chun Siong who was there earlier but it is impossible to meet your friends there as there's at least 80k people on the streets that night.

As we were late, there was no way for us to watch the parade as there was rows and rows of people in front of the road.

Picture 088

Scwa, next year you can come during Mardi Gras time and we can both sell plastic chairs (like in the picture above). So many Chinese people selling those chairs for $10-$15 each. The cost should be like $2.

Anyway, the only other alternative to get a good view is if you are good at balancing dustbin or anything you can find in the streets like the people below.

Gay Cowboy on dustbin

Picture 086

Asian are always the smartest

Picture 087

This people are well prepared

Picture 093

Even though we didn't manage to see the parade on the main street, we get to see a lot of interesting things walking.

Amy Winehouse???

Picture 099

Men Kissing

Women Kissing

Of course not all is a waste for me here as I know I have a mission to find nice lesbian photos to share with you all. Therefore I managed to find 3 groups.

Police girls

Picture 073

Nurse, please come heal me

Picture 090

The best photo of all

Picture 100

That's all folks. Happy Mardi Gras 2009 guys~!!!!!!!!!!!!



houhin said...


By the way, I will go there and snap myself instead of begging you for the uncensored hahaha....

Almost forgot that in your area use to have such a big celebrating events during April.

Trust me, I will be more prepare then ever when I'm there hahhahaa...wait for me Mardi Gras 2010 :P

kiv said...

Hey! Niceee one smarter ktks!!!

the half naked w black feather scarf 'guy'; thy really good in posing!

Smartest Asian in blue dress; now this is call Kung Fu! haha..

A.Winehouse; should get a photo w her! LOL

the 2 macho 'ladies'; truly the BEST of all! btw, did thy press ur butt!? hahaa.. :-D

[ScwA] said...

nice events ya~~got get some beads??
woOOw, the lady were great when took photos with them rite...???hahhaha....

PIN, ur uncensore photo with me...u asked me to take ur photo with beads, rite??heheh.....

[ScwA] said...

kenny, nxt yr if go there. not only renting chair, i think binocular also can...ehehehheh.....

hey, check wat events held on May, then if we go , we can all partiipate~!!

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