Wednesday, April 22, 2009

5 M A R T S

OPEN 24x7
sharing thoughts, loves, life or whatever!

From the word - 'SMART' - 5 characters and 5 of us.
You can think / do / look smart!

The relationship between 5 and S...
5 in front as 5 marts; S at the end as plural or.....

with a little ART sense.

Have you 5marts today?


Bryan.L said...

Nice shit~! :)

kiv said...

thxx for the comment! welcome to 5marts!

am-ho said...


cupcake said...

kiv u did it?

it's so lovely!!

p.s: I 5MARTSed today =)


SierYar @ Dubai

kiv said...

thxx.. n which part u means? the wood letters? or the meaning of 5marts? haha.. :-)

i brought it la. Found in a little shop in "新の城“ at MK. U know tat place la!
thxx for the visit frm 'DNN'! :-D

kiv said...

Many Thxx to all who like this, hope these pictures/objects bring out our initial ideas n the meaning inside!

Viva La 5marts~

am-ho said...

the whole thing look nice..
5M-Arts.. hehe

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