Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The "西涌" Xi Chong Adventure

The recent explore, wana share with u guys... quite a lots of photos, just after arranged. Brief intro; A site frm vry outskirt of Shen Zhen - 西涌 (Xi Chong).

Its an unexpected trip, cause never heard that place until I reached the fishing village - 南澳 (Nan Ao); the location at the beginning of my plan. Frm some locals n billboards there; 西涌 (Xi Chong) is 1 of the best 8 coast in China, but im not really sure on it. :-) And u have to take another mini bus or ride a bike to reach there! Anyways, sounds like worth for a trip...

Endup, I have wait for almost an hour for 1 really 'mini' bus! According to the locals n 'mini' bus driver; this is the closest 'STOP' to the beach. I hoped they are not kidding me...
and just walk straight following the 'main road'...
huh.. never saw so many wild life cactus before!? Strange!

Closer or Deeper? Heading to a beach or missing in a jungle??
but its excited, like an adventure!! keep taking photos. Of course im not alone, with few locals along. The fun part is, they never been to the beach too when i asked them again......... !@£$%

until we found some chalets! Luckily!

Yesss!!! This is it! Suppose to take a panoramic shot, but i took it in my eyes not in the cam. Forgot many things at that moment. Anyways, this is frm my left to right view (around 180)
soft, clean and without any crowd. Priceless!
Image in a cigarette ads!? haha..

This was my reaction that i still remeber! :-O
How about a sunrise or sunset in this location?

the fade away shots, hmm...
adios~ sign out here!


houhin said...

Another nice scenery photo shoots. It remind me the Crystal Lake from the movie "Friday The 13th" feeling hahhaaa...I guess i watch too much horror movie :P

cupcake said...


I feel like goose bump when I saw the wild cactus.... :S

Sier Yar @ London

kiv said...

haha.. yes, kinda creepy when im in the middle of the forrest. After that its an unknown surprise when i saw the coast line, endup with a WOW~ \(*o*)/ not too bad rite? hehe..

sounds like cactus phobia!? hehe.. Guess i should bring sum back as a special souvenir!! LOL~
Thxx for the visit while in London! Should ask u to find a 'thing' for me there earlier... anyways, hv a GOOOD trip!!

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