Thursday, June 25, 2009

10 June 2009

Didn't know Mrs Su's birthday was on June as well. Anyway since I am in the mood today, I will post up some recent photos of Chin Ding's birthday.

As a good boyfriend, I sneak out from work to buy a cake for her.


Luckily I gave her 'lam nua' and 'tidak apa' face, she didn't expect I have a cake in the fridge. At 12am, I got Chun Siong (temporary 6mart for me here in Sydney) to come over and surprised her with the cake.





Wish Kenny will treat me better~!!!


Don't disturb me, I want to eat cake~!


Anyway, since her B'day was on a weekday, I organised a birthday party for her on Friday night. In Australia it is safe to invite a lot of people for your birthday as unlike Malaysia, you do not need to treat your friends and then get presents some more. Here are some of the photos.

Table 1


Table 2


Kenny Tan in Pic


KCD Ki Siao


Raw Beef with Raw Egg (Ph-7 better convert as this beef dish is VERY good man)


More Beef for Sabu Sabu and Sukiyaki


Some Egg and potato dish


Now to collect MONEY~!!!


So that was my friends who celebrated Chin Ding's birthday. Later the next week, it's her friend's turn. Chin Ding has 2 friends who studied together with her last time in Perth who is now working/studying in Sydney. One is doing Marketing and the other is a MALE NURSE~!!


Haha...not like the above. He is like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

KCD's Friends

IMG_1928 The one on the left is the make nurse. He is from Arab and bloody rich. Furthermore the country give him free money to come to Australia to study/work. Both of them are the same guys are rented a Limo and Hummer for each of their birthday last time (exactly like the photo below)


Cake (I think mine's better, I paid RM120 ok)


Time to drink~!



Anyway, that night Chin Ding got drunk at around 10pm. Totally forgotten everything. Hehe. We finished almost 2 bottles of hard liquor.

Alright people, sorry to bore you all with photos. Just a little update on what I have been doing. Might post Chun Siong's birthday as well. My friend Gretna was drunk and been posing a lot of sexy photos during the dinner. Till then~!


kiv said...

Kenny Boy r so SWEET n ROMANTIC! hehee.. n Happy Belated Birthday to Chin Ding!

houhin said...

Damm SWEET man. I really cant believe how romantic you are. hahha...if I were a gal...I sure grab you from Chin Ding hahaha....

Hi Chin Ding, Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

[ScwA] said...

ah So~! Happy b-lated birthday ya~!
kenny, makesure u get one for us when we goto Australia~!

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