Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Re: Ok lets play some games

  1. Love relationship is like traveling. When you are interesting in one country, you will love to know more about it or even want to visit the country. When the country that you are interesting is giving you a feeling and good impression, you will think to live there forever or even want to be the local citizen. You will leave the country when bad things happen, get bored or it start to piss you off and you can't accept, can’t be solved or balance up. In other words, this is how the love relationship get ended.
  1. Men are like man, you wont know him if you dint pay attention and your heart to him
  1. Women are like woman, you wont know her if you dint pay attention and your heart to her

4. Life is like like a candle light. We burn ourself to live in this world until we die.


kiv said...

Smarter Ping,
ur love stories are so...... long like the relationship of Mr&Mrs SU! :-D

b said...

wah..not bad not bad..nice nice

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