Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hidden Treasure: DOUBT

Recently, a revisit to a bundle shop (2nd hand/used) - "DOUBT". So many years back from last visit... Most of the displays, interior and sounds are still the same, in a slow and laid-back feeling. :-)

Their items are still in quantity, to be filter as usual. hehe.. Lets start the game.....
JFA home jersey 99-00 (MIJ - Made In Japan version)
JFA home jersey 01-02 (MIJ)
JFA home jersey 03-04 (MIJ)
White Rider Jkt!? Same details and cutting, apply in Cotton!!
Finally got this; a GLAY tour tee in 2006.
from Modern Amusement.


[ScwA] said...

nice T, kiv, i like the design so somemore boh?kekke....hows the costing?hehhe..

kiv said...

only one i found... u knw la; USED not NEW! RM20 only. hehe... ;-)

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