Thursday, December 30, 2010

My lucky bebe: Is boy? or is a girl?

So far most of the people that meet my wife and even the doctor also said that my lucky bebe will be a baby boy. A lot of people also asking me whether I like boy or girl. For me, I love both whether is boy or girl.

Tomorrow will be a 4th ultra sound scanning. My wife and I are very exciting as we might know whether is boy or girl. Hahaha.however, it still need to depend whether my lucky bebe want to let us know or not by showing the private part hahaha.Are you interesting to guess it?

First ultra sound photo capture


Second ultra sound photo capture


Third ultra sound photo capture



kiv said... would be lovely if a smarter baby boy coming first, so i can buy a fullset kids size football jersey for him! looking cute yet smart! lol~

houhin said...

Hahaha...thanks in advance first. Father also need full kit so that can match with son :p, are u going to sponsor too hahaha...I m still in the hospital awaiting for 4th ultra sound scan. A lot of people over here.

kiv said...

Oo..can can!! other than German kits, which team u prefer? i can get for u in HatYai or MY-TH borders, there got whatever teams u love! lol~

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