Saturday, December 04, 2010

To Spanish (Girls) Fans,

Guess you all already saw the result of World Cup host nations 2018 and 2022. Going to the Siberia? Not that passionate compare with Iberian Peninsula to me. ahaha... But still a well choice for FIFA. Since 2014 will be in Brazil, moving to Russia in 2018 are good enough on a culture difference experience.

In fact my passion on Spain are never less. Take a look on their latest home kit, kinda up level on their national status. And the presentation, think we won't see it on tv here. If you wonder why they didn't pick Torres, Casillas, Ramos, Pique...etc. Come on , this is a adidas stuff. And yet Villa still does it so well, girls agree? hehee.. check it!

The Making of, you guys might be more interested on...

The details. And if its your cup of tea, get it from the shop near you. Already start selling. I just experienced it last few days on the shop. Still a NOPE to me.

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