Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DIY: 'Egg Yolk' Plimsole

A plimsole from MUJI. Brought it back in 2008. Picking light blue version for a navy style mixing, kinda reverse Jack Purcell colourway.

After wearing some days, I mean getting seasoned and dirty... even wear it for Futsal game! Hehhe.. And seems like its very durable on the out sole and canvas. So decided to do some makeover.

First, bleach and washed it to plain white.

After doing some thinking, Yellow been picked! The other plan is Ultramarine Blue. hahaaha.. forget it since I want it a twist! And this is the outcome. Also getting a satisfied shoe laces for only RM2.90. Btw, Im using those unfinished Dulux paint from my Mural project. Save again~ LOL~

Purposely leave uncoloured on heel cap, a great idea from mum when i ask for suggestion. And she is wonder why I choose an egg yolk colour!? Well, my initial idea was actually Banana. Hahaa... Whatever!

1st try on my feet, feeling good like a new member arrived or reborn? Hmm...


Anonymous said...

你很有创意....i will try to do that also..

kiv said...

thxx n just do it..do it..do it!!!

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