Monday, July 19, 2010


Have some free time tonight, so going to write this as promised. Ok, lets start with this; their incredible journey started at 2008 EURO Championship, that is their 2nd crowned as King of Europe after a long waiting 44 years!

After 2 years, they got this, reaching the top of the world. A new World Cup winner! (Majority or 90% of the squad are the same faces in 2008).

Andres Iniesta, scorer of the late winner (116th mins) in final, then removing his jersey to reveal the sentence; "DANI JARQUE SIEMPRE CON NOSOTROS" - "Dani Jarque, always with us". As tribute to his close friend, Daniel Jarque Gonzalez who died at the age of 26, caused by heart attack. A really touching move. (A player get a yellow card for simply removed his jersey for celebrates).

Here are some 'behind the scene', celebrations in dressing room with some VVIP; the Queen, Prince & Princess of Spain, and Rafael Nadal was there too... What a moment!

Continue with some happenings in the plane when the team is flying back..ahahaa..

And what happen at home...

Meeting the Royal Family... (Anyone can get this celebration tees for me?) hehee..

I specially enjoyed and love this, watch if you like them too!

A team with these 23 players, worth for the prize! Also saving my RM199! LOL~ Anyways, have a look on the list, which you can see most of them are from local teams, thats why is important to support local young talents than importing star players from other countries. And they are telling us on their age and caps...

Last, a wallpaper for all the supporters and fans!

Viva La Furia Roja~!!! Your football are always a one piece of beautiful design!

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