Thursday, July 01, 2010

style icon: KANYE WEST

Since World Cup is having a short break, so I have time to put some old things up tonight. hehee.. here is Kanye West. Yeah, who doesn't know him, and i love his music. But im just trying to share a little something about him which captured my eyes these years.

He is not only gifted on music side, what inspired me is his artistic view, styling skill, or i can said he is a design genius. Following is his looks that i likesss from my archives or collection! LOL~

Live performance on Grammy. Drop a boom on Shutter Glasses, and the jacket. Notice the sneaker, its the beta ver. of his Air Yeezy with NIKE. And all I means is his total package (head to toe).

His other design project with LV. Seems like MJ love it, but its not really my cup of... Anyways, I love his blazer and scarf, you won't go wrong with black&white + a little red!

The 3 genius come together! That was the first time a nice cutting/fitted denim jacket caught my eyes if not mistaken. For Pharrell, talk about him the next time.

Some of you know i have a madness for Baseball/Varsity Jacket (espcially love the collar) in early days. But still couldn't find a right one yet. And Kanye has carried some nice ones. Oh. im also "K"! hahaa...

His girl - Amber Rose, a model. The couple is pretty standout in their all black or white theme.

He makes me want a denim jacket so bad~!

He is also one of the few celeb consistently shoot by Scott. (click to read)

Been searching it for few months. Finally got this last month. Super fitted (see the sleeves), darker or 80% unwashed denim. It gimme a little A.P.C. feeling. So i makes second priority for worn out or washed ver.

C17, an unknown label to me, share if you know it. I got it from a vintage/2nd hand shop. Guess how much?? gegee... you wont believe!

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cindexin said...

Kieve ^^ He IS gifted from every aspect- from music to artistic. I was recently paying much more attention to him cause he is now producing my babies newest album.Miehaha..and Oh,Rose is hot.

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