Friday, October 22, 2010

B for Briefcase!

Briefcase, still remember the first one which hits me is from agnes b HOMME at 2 years ago. A truly beautiful black cow leather that cost around RM14XX (too bad can't google it out), and i won't spend this amount for a 'bag', told myself that moment. So im not that shopaholic that u think im! lol~

Finally have time or a right time to make this summary post. Not to devil u all, just to share some good designs which staying in my image archives these few years. Just a reference before u find your 'Right One'. hmm.. ok, list in random.

DIOR HOMME, once my or many favourites label, of course during Hedi's age. Check the one on left, leave the right row for details.

BOTTEGA VENETA, not a popular brand here, but its trademark woven is one of the most 'references' by so many labels you see today.

Bill Amberg, a UK label, a leather expert, love their fiery red inner.

Brooks Brothers, a classic label u must know. For this, its crocs leather that matters.

Black Fleece, if you know Brooks Brother, there is no reason you don't heard this! Thanks to Thom Browne.

Yves saint Laurent, from their famous MUSE but in briefcase form (first 2 row). Center row; crocs leather! Again! hehe..

HEAD PORTER, classic yet energetic.

PORTER INTERNATIONAL, i don't really know that both labels got any link, this is from Taiwan, n price are more affordable. But design is the issue here. Notice the little Maglite hanging. hehe..

GUCCI, bottom one is a catchy classic combi, smartly arranged! But i would paid for above one.

LOUIS VUTTON, its funny if he didn't make it in this list. These are my favourites. NO monogram for me.

Cole Haan x UMBRO, exclusively for HARVEY NICHOLS. England team have all the best design accs/kits, only without best performance.

DELVAUX x MONOCLE, it should top this list if the design come with detachable shoulder strap. Anyways, it still my No.1 because of MONOCLE? i wonder...

PADINI, product of our country, cheap n good. Almost wanna grab it but also the strap issue. PADINI is the major fashion retails group here. They should play more trendsetter role to lead the market other than playing safe.

PIERO TUCCI, a classic Italian label, just simple clean cut. Got wide range of leather product to shop.

SIMON CARTER, London base label, enter the list because i always love Union Jack design. hehe..

travelteq, Netherlands always never less of design genius. Love all the details even the name; 'Trash'. Please read description via link.

Matt & Nat, for environmental concern, each bag contains at least one recycled element. Other than good design, they are the pioneer in eco-fashion.

BURBERRY, an english tradition, the texture of it are really well finished and so sleek.

Ok, sorry to fill your eyes with too many image in one time. lol~ Lastly, this is what i hunt recently, consider
my 'Right One'? Not really, but nearly... i mean very close. check..

Got it at Changi Airport, when you buy a 18years Chivas. Since its FREE, you will see me hanging around with it most of the time, without any extra good care! ahahaa.. My briefcase, my keep all!

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