Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Time Never Waits.

Guys, do u still remember him? If not mistaken, he is teaching us Physic on tuition at his house in Farlim.We always want a break n out to grab some snack or drinks during the class. Days we were in Form 4 or 5... Its quite a good times when recall.

I first saw the bad news in paper day before I depart to HK during AUG'10. So i didn't manage to tell u all at first time. Just after i back from all the trips these 2 months, so mentioned with Scwa last Sunday to visit him during this week since the news is still in my mind. Try to google some latest news of him just now, and this is what i found out...

Time Never Waits.


ktks said...

I can't recognise his face. But you are talking about the one where Ah Kwang is also in the class one right?
Crap....I can only read 20% of the words in the webpage. Hehe. What happened to him? How did he die?

kiv said...

yaya.. the tuition class at night, together w ah kwang n more..

ktks, u better get ur Chinese tuition frm Ching Ding. Btw, He got cancer n stroke, the news said he die bcs of virus infection at GH.

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